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February 15th – All out to #Dresden – Prevent Nazi rally – Abolish commemoration

Dresden. German territory. Mobi video and call for participation in the antifascist protests and the feminist action week as well as the action week of Dresden Nazi Free around February 13, 2020 in Dresden.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Enough 14.

February 13th marks the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Dresden. Like the years before, this is taken as an occasion to indulge in a staged victim myth, which fascists of all kinds can dock at – from the bourgeois “middle”, to the AfD, to the classic boot nazis. Together with well-known neo-Nazis, historical revisionism will be celebrated at a very high level in Dresden in 2020. On February 13th, during the municipal commemoration at the Heide Cemetery, the names of victims of the air raids on Dresden will be read out for the first time, apart from the names of Jewish people, also the names of Wehrmacht soldiers and other Nazi perpetrators. An equalization which is to be firmly rejected.

On the evening of the 13th the fascists of the AfD try again, like in the previous years, to dock to the citizens of Dresden and its traditional victim myth. Let’s disturb them and show that not only the classical boot nazis are the problem of this city. The civic commemoration around February 13th should also be abolished, so that the neo-Nazi march, which has been taking place for years, can be deprived of its breeding ground in civic society. There are repeated calls in urban society and in right-wing circles for the establishment of further memorials for the victims of the bombing. Thus, in addition to the events in the city, the victim myth around February 13th is not only staged and celebrated, but constantly expanded. In recent years, in contrast to various disruptive actions, civil remembrance has been disturbed, in some cases considerably – let’s continue with this!

In 2010 and 2011, the neo-Nazi march was successfully prevented. We owe this to a broad mobilization of many anti-fascists, which reached beyond the borders of Saxony. In the following years, one of the biggest neo-Nazi marches in Europe became one with an almost insignificant size.

However, almost simultaneously with the emergence of numerous right-wing mobilizations in recent years and the strengthening of AfD, the neo-Nazi march has been growing again for several years. This year we expect more than 1000 fascists. They are well networked throughout Europe with Holocaust deniers and historical revisionists. In Hungary, openly fascist symbols and Hitler salutes are shown in Wehrmacht uniforms in commemoration of the Waffen-SS (“Day of Honour”). The protagonists and organizers of the Nazi march in Dresden are regular guests of this and other extreme right-wing events in Europe.

It is therefore to be expected that the central Nazi march on February 15 will attract many militant neo-Nazis from Central and Eastern Europe as well as broad sections of the right-wing conservative middle classes, even from beyond the city limits of Dresden. Let us build on the larger and smaller successes of past years. Let us confront old and new fascists on the streets of Dresden on February 13 and 15.

Now is not the time to give way, but to feed up.

We call on all anti-fascist forces to come to Dresden on February 13 and 15. We demand Unteilbar (In English: undividably, a antifascist coalition dominated by liberals, Enough 14) to postpone their demonstration in Erfurt until February 16th, so that we can really take part undividably in the protests in the streets of Erfurt against the FDP’s pacing with the fascists of the AfD.

Prevent Nazi marches – abolish commemoration!
Hit the fascists where you meet them.


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Overview article about antifascist and right-wing events around February 13 at the URA:

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12 thoughts on “February 15th – All out to #Dresden – Prevent Nazi rally – Abolish commemoration

  1. But the bombing of Dresden was a war crime – and just because nazis use it in a repulsive hypocritical manner, doesn’t mean that those who oppose them should be hypocrites also. My father was a German anti-nazi living in London and my mother was a Jew – and both of them found the bombing disgusting. Check out this text „On German Guilt“:

    1. That doesn’t mean that people should allow fascists to abuse the victims of the bombing and that people should allow commemoration events where fascists and the “middle” collaborate with each other. We are speaking here of Dresden, Pegida capital…

  2. No – but you have to recognise that they were victims – and victims of a desire to send Germany back to the Middle Ages (the Morgenthau plan) – Dresden had no reason to be bombed – there were loads of prisoners of war (read, for example, Vonnegut’s „Slaughterhouse 5“) and no military installations. So to talk of „victim myth“ as in the call-out above is itself a nasty myth, and fits in very well with the disgusting anti-deutsch tendency that still seems to hang around in the background of such clashes. And remember, the Allies never bombed the railway lines to Auschwitz – but Dresden was fair game for the nauseating Bomber Harris.

    Fascist scum recuperate genuine outrage, just as Stalinists, Maoists, Leninists of all stripes and Social Democrats and all the other collaborators in mass murder do in different ways. Any opposition to fascists that doesn’t point out the horror in different forms of all types of capitalism allows fascists to reflect a genuine outrage and channel it into their vile politics. But vile politics is what all politics is (though I’m not making an easy equivalent here).

    1. No they were not victims. Not at all.

      1. Well – that’s a reasoned reply! I’m certainly convinced.

        Was it just that by living in Dresden they deserved to die? After all, they were German – and genetically they were all guilty of their rulers’ atrocities.

        They were as much victims as the inhabitants of Guernica or Coventry were victims of Goering’s airforce. I suggest you argue your point of view if you can rather than just state it without any rationale at all. But maybe you have no argument. Certainly you’ve not shown any ability to argue anything whatsoever, let alone something reasoned.

        It’s clear that fascists have no monopoly on lack of reason.

      2. Thats your opinion. I don_t agree. Not at all.

  3. What exactly is the point of saying you disagree without saying why?

    In what way were the people who happened to be in Dresden when it was bombed to shit not victims?

    Everywhere – people like you, fascists, leftists, whateverists, people without any specific ideology – say things utterly in conformity with the dominant false choices (and in conformity with their own narrow scene) and then never feel that they have to take the trouble to explain themselves. Because they really have no point of view, because their point of view is colonised by one or other of competing ideologies that they have never seriously independently struggled to unravel. For such people, it’s enough for them to say „you’ve got your opinion, I’ve got mine“, and not even – in your case at least – feel they have to even say what they mean. The definitive triumph of the capitalist spectacle is that it so invades people’s brains and bodies and leaves them devoid of the slightest individual expression and the slightest will to strive to communicate.

    1. Because we have a lot to at the moment. But it’s clear that many people in Dresden were not innocent victims and its clear that it’s important to stop the middle class commemorating together with the fash.

  4. Obviously any SS officers or the Gestapo were not innocent victims – but you may as well justify the bombing of Vietnam during the 60s and 70s because various bureaucrats who’d helped slaughter 10s of 1000s of peasants in the 1956 North Vietnamese uprising got killed alongside the vast majority of innocent victims. You may as well justify the bombing of London during WWII because occasionally some guy directly involved in killings in the British colonies was killed.
    I suspect, without being certain of course, that the real reason you can’t be bothered to answer is that you can’t get your head around the Manichean Good v Evil mentality that justifies supporting one side in the inter-imperialist conflict that was WWII. Let’s not forget that after the war significant fascists were kept in place both by the powers-that-be in the West and in the East.

    No war but the class war!

    1. Guessing is not the best idea.

  5. Dresden was not an innocent city. The bombing of Dresden was of strategic importance in the fight against Nazi Germany. The assertion that the bombing of Dresden was a war crime because there were only civilian victims and because Dresden had no meaning for the war is false. This assertion originates from the GDR and the Soviet Union and served only to demonize the Western Allies.

    Here are a few reasons why the bombing of Dresden was of war strategic importance:
    – Dresden was an intact garrison city until the end
    – Dresden was an important traffic junction for the eastern front. In October 1944 an average of 28 military trains passed the station daily with thousands of german soldiers.
    – Dresden was the location of several active armament factories
    – Dresden Chemiewerke also produced Zyklon-B, which was used for gasification of thousands
    – Also in Dresden 5000 Jews were displaced and deported.
    – Due to its cultural significance, Dresden was an important component of NS propaganda
    – In Dresden there was already a great approval for the NSDAP before 1933. In the 1933 elections, 43% of Dresdeners voted for the NSDAP.
    – For hundreds of persecuted people in Dresden, the bombing of Dresden itself was a liberating blow.

  6. “Dresden was not an innocent city” –

    Can you explain to me how can an entire city be innocent or guilty? Should “Dresden” be tried at the Nuremberg trials? With the same logic, Washington DC/London/Brussels have been throughout centuries the home of some of the worst mass murderers in history, the home of murderous military and economic institutions with extreme strategic importance. And why stop with this “innocent city” and not continue on to “this innocent country”, this continent, the human race, an atomic bomb on everything ahhhhhhhhhh. “Memphis stole my wallet”, “Paris have sexually harassed me”… This is demagogy at its worst.

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