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Santiago de #Chile: 111th Day of the Social Revolt

Santiago de Chile. Report from the ongoing revolt in Chile. Week from January 30 to February 6.

Originally published by Agência de Notícias Anarquistas (A.N.A.). Translated by Enough 14.


During the weekend there were clashes between soccer fans and the police, like outside the National Stadium and in San Carlos de Apoquindo. In Quillota there were riots and smoking barricades. Bands, chants against the government, invasions on the playing field and fights with the guards and even with fans of the same clubs that disapproved of the protests.

On Dignity Square on Saturday and Sunday masked people intercepted a bus throwing stones, on Sunday it went further and a bus was partially set on fire. All this in spite only a few people who took part in the protests during those days. There are also discussions between demonstrators to ask for money from the drivers passing through the zero zone.

In the commune of Pudahuel the rage does not end and a public transport bus burned down, just like in La Pincoya.

In Melipilla, on Saturday, an attempt at collective expropriation of a supermarket ends with four wounded people, one with a bullet in the groin and three with rifle impacts in their face, neck and arms.

On Sunday, hundreds of cyclists arrived to protest outside the house of the judge who solved the case of the murder of “Neco”. The murderer was allowed to leave with a weekly signature.

The government announces the installation of hundreds of facial-recognition cameras on the streets. In the summer festivals the fascist animator and boss behind the scenes “Kike” Morandé joins in, people threw stones against a humorist for being misogynistic and macho, forcing him to withdraw.

The government announces the installation of hundreds of facial-recognition cameras on the streets. In the summer festivals the fascist animator and boss behind the scenes “Kike” Morandé joins in, people threw stones at the scene as a comedian was performing. He was both misogynistic and macho, and forced to withdraw.

On Monday, an ambush at Dignity Square. More than thirty masked people were arrested.

On Monday and Tuesday, students protest against the PSU (University Selection Test) at its third day, disturbances and minor skirmishes are recorded off-site. They also protest inside several subway stations and panic takes hold of those in charge, who order them to close.

Police train military, sailors and aviation agents in anti-riot tactics, the armed forces spend millions on implementation of social control.

In Congress the constitutional accusation against Intendant Guevara (1) is rejected, some opposition senators are absent or abstaining. For lack of a quorum, the intendant (accused of domestic violence) goes unpunished for the thousands of injuries that resulted from the application of his “copamiento” tactic at Dignity Square.

Serious incidents in the University of Chile’s Pre-Libertadores match, clashes between “barras bravas [soccer fans] and guards outside the National Stadium, in the gallery a cabin burns down while the game continues.

Fans of the Südkurve (2) Zürich waving tissues in solidarity and memory of ‘Neco’ and Ariel. Masked people attack a Presbyterian church in Antofagasta.

In another case of an attack by state mercenaries, a young hospitalized man denounces that at least six uniformed men struck him and left him with a punctured lung, this occurred in Puente Alto.

On Wednesday night an individual gets out of his car and threatens members of “La primera línea” (3) with a gun. This happens right in front of the place where they murdered “Lambi”, when the individual left he fireds a shot. At dawn a group of unknown people set fire to three buses of the locomoção (4) collective in Recoleta.

A 73-year-old threatens protestors with a gun from a bus , and is insulted by the driver and passengers.

On Thursday dozens of floral arrangements give life and colour to Dignity Square. They are in honor of all those who were killed during the Revolt.

One of the policemen of the group that murdered Alex Nuñez, admits that his colleagues have arranged to testify against him in the case. Alex was killed by cops in Maipu on October 20, 2019.

As you read this report, the president of Chile goes on vacation…


Giannis Michailidis and Konstantina Athanasopoulou were arrested in Greece… This one goes for you too.

Translation notes

(1) Felipe Guevara Stephens.

(2) South curve of a soccer stadium in Zurich, Swiss territory.

(3) La primera línea , the first (front) line.

(4) Locomoção (locomotion), transportation collective.

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