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#Chile: Twitter suspends account of Piensa Prensa

Chile. Twitter blocked the account of chilean independent media Piensa Prensa. Piensa Prensa is one of the most important independent media that reports about the ongoing revolt. Once again corporate social media is silencing an important source of information. UPDATE Monday February 10, 17:34 (CET): After 3 days Twitter released the @PiensaPrensa again.

Published by Enough 14. Written by Riot Turtle.

After Twitter blocked the account of Piensa Prensa, three hashtags were launched to protest against the Twitter suspension, “#YoApoyoLaPrensaIndependiente” [1], #TodosSomosPiensaPrensa [2] and #AguantePiensaPrensa [3].

On their Facebook page, Piensa Prensa wrote:

“The “patriots and ultra-nationalists, en masse denounced our Twitter account @Piensaprensa and in less than 24 hours we have 23 thousand followers again. We are recovering, and many more are joining in.
Have a good day.”

On their new Twitter account @PiensaPrensa2, Piensa Prensa wrote:

“Dear friends:
Our account and official website have been suspended by Twitter, we don’t know why… Our team will continue working, from now on with this new account (while the suspension lasts)
Thank you for your preference”

But the new account was suspended by Twitter as well. Piensa Prensa wrote on their Facebook page:

“Dear friends:
Our Twitter account and @PiensaPrensa2 page, recently created after the closure of the first one has also been SUSPENDED.”

The hashtag says: “Pinera killer”

Freedom of expression implies being able to communicate and express ourselves freely. Piensa Prensa is, without a doubt, one of the most important independent media in Chile, and has played a fundamental role during the revolt. Twitter once again shows the danger of corporate social media with its censorship, this is one of the reasons why Enough 14 is building up a new account at the noncommercial Mastodon provider Todon. Personally I hope that many other people start building up accounts on Mastodon to spread independent news on independent platforms and fight censorship.

You can still watch and/or read Piensa Prensa reports on their YouTube Channel and Facebook page.

“Thank God they spared his life. They’re criminals!”
Interview with Matias’ mother, a young man cowardly beaten up by about ten cops in Puente Alto. Video uploaded at February 2, 2020.


[1] Yo Apoyo La Prensa Independiente means I Support The Independent Press.

[2] Todos Somos Piensa Prensa means We are all Piensa Prensa.

[3] Aguante Piensa Prensa means Hold on Piensa Prensa

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