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#Paris, #BlackRock Occupation: Happy Birthday Youth Climate Movement

Paris. France. NB : It has been one year since the beginning of the global youth climate movement which started with Greta Thunberg’s call for international demonstrations on March, 15th 2019. In France, the #youthforclimate movement has started a bit earlier, on February, 8th, and is thus celebrating its birth day by inaugurating a new cycle of spreading life and happiness among the corporate destroyers of the world.

Originally published by Lundi Matin.

One year ago almost to this day, on February 8th, 2019, we met at Jussieu University (Paris) for a youth assembly concerning climate strikes. We acknowledged that climatic and ecological issues were catastrophic, and the government did nothing. We thus went on a school strike on Fridays, like other young people around the world, and we took civil disobedience actions.

We occupied the forecourt of the Ministry of Ecology, we marched for the climate and demonstrated with yellow vests, we invaded shopping malls, and all this with politeness and dignity, and a little hope as well. Ministerial secretaries and politicians came to take pictures with us, offered us invitations to their offices to ’talk’, and president Macron claimed every three months to be ’going green’. None of this was serious. Despite our respectful efforts to make our voices heard, the violent class who is destroying the planet continued to think we are buzzards, even though they know they are disappearing [referring to the endangered buzzard bird, which is a French expression for ’loonies’]).

On this birthday of our movement, we are therefore inaugurating a new cycle of friendly visits to our beloved ’policy-makers’, by organising an ’open day’ in the offices of the BlackRock corporation, known for its financial ties with Vinci, Total, BNP, and Société Générale.

Obviously the choice of this corporation is a nod to our friends fighting against Macron’s pension reform, who know that BlackRock insisted on the French government to make this reform. Our aim was to propose to any curious ecologist a one day internship into the cosy offices from where the planetary devastation is monitored. Thus we entered politely, offering a day off to BlackRock employees so that they could meditate on the uselessness of their profession. Patient and passionate discussions took place. Champagne was broken out to toast to the employees’ resignation and to their immediate professional conversion in chestnut honey production. In the euphoria, embellishment and refurbishment workshops were undertaken, in order to bring a little life back into this velvet hell.

When we committed ourselves for climate, we were told to adopt eco-friendly behaviors. Turn off the tap, turn off the light, take the bike, use your phone a little less. We did not hesitate to apply some of these proposals when they made sense to us. But we don’t want to be held responsible for the ecological crisis when the multinational corporations and the States do nothing to turn off the tap of fossil fuels, turn off the nuclear lights, ride their bicycle toward the end of capitalism, and stop harassing us with their 5G that would just allow us to watch the world burn on 4K screens.

We will therefore spread our youth and cheerfulness wherever they sow death and desolation. We will make their lives unbearable until they finally flee to deserted islands. And since we want to live a good life, we will continue, on our part, to restore farms, cultivate the soil, help each other, and meet all those who want to get out of the mess they have gotten us into. Our joy will never be intimidated.

Happy birthday, Youth for Climate ! Let’s not wait any longer !

Désobéissance Ecolo Paris

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