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“There is a war going on here” – Some repressive cases against #anarchism in #Madrid: Solidarity, Complicity, Attack

Received by email, in English and Spanish.

Submitted to Enough 14. Originally published by Contra Madriz.

We are at war

29th of may and 19th of october of 2018: Police searchs in Madrid and Palencia related to the repression against the riots of Hamburg against the G20 summit in july 2017. This police operation was coordinated at an european level, with a lot of cooperation between different states. Attacks in response to this police searchs happen all around Europe, and they are still happening.

29th of october of 2018: Two anarchists are arrested in Madrid accused of burning a Bankia ATM the 11th of april of that same year. This action was done in solidarity with Lisa, an anarchist who is actually in prison for robbing a bank in Germany. A lot of banks receive the solidarity of the anarchists.

25th of april of 2019: An anarchist is arrested accused of attacking VOX headquarters in Madrid with a hammer. Several political headquarters are attacked during the election campaing.

13th of may of 2019: Antiterrorist operation against the anarchist movement in Tetuán (Madrid). Two anarchists are arrested under the charge of terrorism. Police break into a house and the Espacio Okupado Anarquista La Emboscada. Different attacks in solidarity happen all around the State.

During all 2019: There is an increase of evictions of squatted spaces all around the state. Dozens of people are arrested and are waiting for trial. Attacks and riots in defence of those squatted spaces.

Solidarity-Complicity- Attack.

No rest for the Exploiters.

No rest fot the Power.

No peace for the State.

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