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#Chile, #Santiago Prison 1: Letter from an anonymous anarcho-nihilist prisoner of the #revolt

Chile. Words of a prisoner in the revolt, from Santiago 1, block 14, accused of throwing an incendiary device.

Originally published by Publicacion Refractario. Translated by Enough 14.

As an anarcho-nihilistic individual I write these words from some prison in the $hileno territory, after my first month in prison I have been able to reaffirm my position as an anti-prisoner and refractory to a whole machinery and framework that tries to make you part of it.

Today, where the flame of insurrection is still burning and continues with great force in different parts of the world and in the same territory, it is important to remain firm despite all the consequences that our actions bring, nothing we do is in vain, but we must always be alert, especially in these moments, where our enemies are becoming more and more professional, it is relevant that we also do so and continue to position ourselves even more in the realities we live in, going hand in hand with self-care, making it part of us and throwing ourselves into the path to which each one of us decided to take.

As an anarcho-nihilist prisoner I call for solidarity in its many forms and not to give up, I send you my most complicit hugs and lots of strength, I greet all who stay (on the streets and continue the revolt, Enough 14) and all prisoners in the world.


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