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#Mexico: Women Storm Presidential Palace

Mexico. On Friday, February 14th, 2020, hundreds of Mexican women stormed AMLO’s Presidential Palace. Their outrage was palpable as they responded to yet another femicidal murder: that of 25-year-old Ingrid Excamilla.

Originally published by Abolition Media Worldwide.

The women splashed blood-red paint all over the palace, set fire to nearby vehicles belonging to the newspaper La Prensa, and graffitied messages such as “They are killing us!” and “INGRID.” Some also used flammable spraypaint to torch the palace exterior.

This massive demonstration was a dual condemnation of both the Mexican State’s inactivity and the complicity of Mexico’s mainstream press. Adding insult to injury, not only has there not been any action whatsoever to stop the slew of murders with female victims sweeping across Mexico, but also at least two newspapers published graphic photos of Ingrid’s dead body. One such paper is La Prensa. Another, Pasala, even went so far as to print an extremely offensive “joke” of a headline across the already disrespectful images of Mexican femicide’s most recent (known) victim.

Since Day One, the AMLO administration’s disregard for women, indigenous people, and immigrants has been on full display. It has not only allowed this atrocious femicide to continue unimpeded, but also created development plans for and invested heavily in gentrifying megaprojects; repeatedly done the U.S. Empire’s bidding by holding would-be asylum seekers in Mexico, consistently subjecting them to utter viciousness and depravation; and further attacked the habitually-threatened land of indigenous people. Revolutionary feminists, anarchists, and indigenous people continue to fight back against these ruthless and draconian policies.

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