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#Munich: More than 1600 people at “No security for these conditions” demo

Munich. German territory. More than 1600 people protested against the Munich Security Conferenc. “The shift to the right and the climate crisis must be fought worldwide”. Police hinder ambulances and used batons.

Submitted to Enough 14 in German. Translated by Enough 14. Images by @keinesicherhei1

Pressrelease, February 15, 2020.

On Friday night, the new alliance “No security for these Conditions” against the Munich Security Conference (SiKo). It is being supported by Ende Gelände, the Karawane , the Seebrücke Munich, the noPAG alliance, Antifa NT and other anti-racist and antifascist groups. The demonstration sees itself as a part of climate justice movement and the resistance against the shift to the right, and the restructuring of the authoritarian state.

“The Munich Security Conference is symbolically standing for a world in which social problems are answered with violence. Worldwide we observe the armament and brutalization of police, military and Border patrol. These are directly linked to the rise of the far right. Right-wing governments are not only the most powerful climate change deniers, they are also the ones who act increasingly brutal against migrants and activists. The s hift to the right and the climate crisis must be fought worldwide!” Fred Heussner, spokesman of the alliance “No security for these conditions” said.

The demonstration was stopped at Oberanger. The police used batons against demonstrators and journalists.

“We are appalled by the behaviour of the police. The bizarre effects of the security mania were shown when an ambulance tried to drive through. While the protesters immediately formed a corridor so the ambulance could pass, the police continued to block the road. The ambulance had to turn around. Given that every second counts in medical emergencies, this “police behavior was grossly negligent.” Sina Reisch, press spokeswoman of the alliance “Ende Gelände” said.

4 people were arrested, but were released again the same evening. In one case the reason given was that the person waved a flag of the Kurdish Women’s Defence Forces “YPJ”. These are the units that played a decisive role in the victory against the so-called Islamic state.

“This criminalisation is grotesque and we demand the lifting of the ban on the PKK. The Kurdish freedom movement is leading the way with its system of stateless democracy and an eco-feminist social model.” Fred Heussner said.

The climate catastrophe also motivates the demonstrators. At the conference raw materials corporations such as Shell, Statoil and EnBW also participate.

“In view of the climate crisis, wars are even more absurd. Vast amounts of resources are being squandered to destroy cities and kill people. War and militarization have an extremely negative impact on the environment and climate. extremely. Corporations like Airbus are fuelling the climate and supply the technological equipment for racist border regimes. A nationalist world of competing states will always lead to new wars and isolation.” Sina Reisch said.

“We want a future in which all people can live in peace and where resources are fairly distributed. We will not stand by silently and watch capitalism destroying our world. In solidarity with emancipatory movements and insurrections around the world, we fight for climate justice.” Sina Reisch said.

The alliance wants to bring a breath of fresh air into the peace movement and hopes for a varied weekend of protest. It therefore calls for the Rojava Solidarity Bloc at the Saturday demonstration (today, Enough 14)and recommends to join the discussion at the Munich Shadow Security Conference at the Munich Kammerspiele.

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