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#Marseille, #France: Cops killed 18 year old – Eyewitness reports speak of a downright execution

France. February 14, 2020. In Marseille, plainclothes cops shot a young man during a car chase. Eyewitness reports speak of a downright execution.

Originally published by Marseille Infos Autonomes. Translated by Enough 14.

BAC cops killed 18-year-old at Les Marronniers

“Tonight it was the BAC Nord de Marseille that opened fire on an eighteen year old teenager.
Tonight it’s a life they took, it’s a family they destroyed, it’s a whole neighborhood that’s been wounded.”

It was the “Maison Blanche” Residents’ Collective that published the videos announcing the murder of Mehdi, 18 years old, on Facebook, and whose words are reproduced. here.

“He was in the back of the car. From what we understand, they were chased to the entrance of this tunnel […] they ran out, he stayed in the car. As soon as he opened the door, they shot him…they shot him, they left him on the ground. They put him on the ground, they handcuffed him, put their feet on his head, instead of calling the fire department.[1]”

According to one witness, “they shot him without a warning”, then when the witnesses stopped them and tried to get closer, the police gassed them to make them back off.

And a second testimony about the facts:

A Clio with four young people in it, including 18-year-old Medhi, was stopped by a police car. When Medhi got out of the car, the FDO opened fire. They handcuffed Medhi thinking he was “okay”, hit him in the head before realizing (after several alerts from witnesses at the scene) that Medhi was doing really bad and called the fire brigade… They then used tear gas on passers-by and witnesses (children were also present). Provence [2] speaks the young man had fired first, but the witness says contrary .

“Where’s the media? We need to get the word out,” repeats the man holding the camera.

But the only article published so far, on our beloved-well-sourced La Provence (which has apparently not been seen on the spot before publication), unabashedly spins on the lexical field of the “robber-armed-city robber”; like the rags always do when the police kill.

And to respond to this contempt, this indifference in the face of a stolen life, there are the words so right, at 1:30 a.m., from the “Maison Blanche” Residents’ Collective:

Tonight we hear about a robber? We’re talking about a little brother from the neighborhood whose life hasn’t been easy for him.
Witnesses confirm that he did not raised a gun on them.
They also confirm that they shot him and hit him on the ground despite the wounds with phrases like “we got you.”
Witnesses tried to calm down and called the fire department but then were pushed back while they were told that he was suffocating.
Tonight Mehdi’s no longer with us.
Tonight a policeman told his mother in front of all of us “Your son shouldn’t steal”. “That’s what provoked the hatred.”
Tonight we’ve lost a child, an 18-year-old boy just…

Translation Notes

[1] In France, local fire departments also respond to medical calls, and can send an ambulance.

[2] La Provence is a French mainstream media outlet.

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