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“At least I had the satisfaction of striking against this ruling system and its voracious gear ” Words from an anarchist prisoner of the #revolt from #Santiago 1

Santiago de Chile. Chile. Letter from an anarchist prisoner of the revolt, who is imprisoned in Santiado 1.

Originally published by Publicacion Refractario. Translated by Enough 14.

A fraternal embrace full of complicity for all those who are, in one way or another, part of this never-ending struggle, all those people who anonymously go out for direct confrontation, without fear and with the desire to blow up everything.

From the threshold where the fragility of freedom confronts the punitive and flagellant desire, the subjectivity of the idea becomes living flesh in front of the vulturely system, which seeks to erase and depredate all antagonism in this society of spectacle, merchandise and fetishism.

At least I had the satisfaction of striking against this ruling system and its voracious gear, where anyone can see how a few people spend pointlessly enough to feed hundreds of families, this society that allows a few people to monopolize social wealth by promoting misery and subordination.

I declare myself an enemy of this model and its irrefutable perpetuity, of its dogmas and moral chains, which daily harass our being / existence and leave no room for freedom or spontaneity, limiting us to be part of the homogeneity transforming us into mere numbers within the mass.

Against extractivism and the impoverishment of the earth and its people!!!

Freedom for all prisoners!!!

Anarchist prisoner, Cdp Santiago 1.

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