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The Cantabrian feminist revolt begins #8M 2020

Cantabria, Spanish territory. A few words from some of our comrades from the open feminist assemblies of Cantabria to spread the word about the start of the feminist programme for the 8th of March.

Originally published by Briega . Contrainformación en Cantabria.

Yesterday we started the #revueltafeministacantabria, prior to #8M2020, laughing out loud with Irantzu Varela. If we invite her to participate in this event, it is because we are clear that feminism must be combative and also joyful and that, in this struggle for a dignified life for all people, we must organize and laugh a lot, together.

Together we remember some of the women who have been in this movement before us. Thus we remember the origin of the March 8 commemoration in the struggles waged by working women. Because, as Irantzu said, to the question of where women have been throughout history, we have a clear answer: in every place, in every era, women have been guaranteeing the survival of the human species.

We also analyzed the reason for the recent feminist awakening. We continue to live in a society that is violent against women. Young women have perfectly understood the feminist slogan of the 70s “the personal is political”, shouting in disgust “I am not Siri, get a life”. More and more women are distancing themselves from the liberal discourse that says “if you work hard you will get it” and they understand that inequality is structural. There are more and more women who know that only collectively we will achieve a decent life for all. And that is why we are organizing ourselves in open assemblies, in the Basque Country, in Cantabria and in Argentina. Each one from wherever she can but in a network. Because, as Irantzu said yesterday, feminism as self-defence is a collective tool to change our daily lives, the lives of all of us, in plural.

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