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#Antipolitika – Anarchist Journal from the #Balkans issue #2

The second issue of Antipolitika – Anarchist Journal from the Balkans, is out. The theme of the issue is Yugoslavia. As in the case of the first issue, we published two versions, one in English and the other in Serbo-Croatian. This issues will have also have a Greek language edition which will be published by the end of the year. Let us know if you want a copy or to help us with the distribution.

Originally published by Athens Indymedia and Antipolitika.

The English language version of Issue 2 of Antipoltika is now also distributed by: AK Press UKActive Distribution and Black Mosquito.


Yugoslavia: a State or a Revolutionary Community?

Will Firth: Language and Politics in Ex-Yugoslavia

CrimethInc: WR: Mysteries of the Organism – Beyond the Liberation of Desire

On the terrain of capital: Labour and gender regimes in Yugoslavia

Marijana Stojčić: Proletarians of the world – who washes your socks?From female Partisans to Comrade Woman. The Feminist Movement inYugoslavia 1978-1989

Lila: Yugoslav workers’ self-management – Emancipation of workers orcapitalist division of labor?

Guillaume Lenormant: Paul Zorkine (Pavle Vrbica)

Paul Zorkine: The myth of workers councils under Tito

Fredy Perlman: Birth of a Revolutionary Movement in Yugoslavia

Black & Red correspondents: Down with the Red Bourgeoisie of Yugoslavia– An Analysis of the June Students’ Insurrection in Belgrade, Yugoslavia(1968)

Jelka Kljajić-Imširović: Dissidents and prison

Lorraine Perlman: Three Years in Yugoslavia

Juraj Katalenac: Praxis: an attempt at ruthless criticism

Our baba doesn’t say fairy tales: How [not] to do a critique:Demystifying the anti-imperialist narrative of the collapse of Yugoslavia

Ferdi: “Nisu to bajke nego istina” – A critical appraisal of Roma politicsin SFRY’s ‘golden era’

Damjan Pavlica: Contemporary History of Kosovo

Vlado Kristl: On going to the Partisans

Nina Simonović: Against Every Yugoslavia – On the ideology of thetransition from capitalism to capitalism, through capitalism

Laslo Sekelj: Antisemitism in SFRY

Mladen Stilinović, an anarchist

Branko Ćopić: A Heretical Tale

Slavko Bogdanović: Poem Underground the Tribune of youth Novi Sad

Marko Paunović: Between Politics and Poetics

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