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First reaction after far right attack in #Hanau,#Germany

Hanau. Germany. The assassin in Hanau, who shot several people in cold blood, is a far-right extremist. Tobias R. reveals crude anti-semitic, satanist, racist and anti-American conspiracy theories in a 1:42 video in English. What follows is a first reaction from “Essen stellt sich quer”, an antifascist coalition from Essen, Germany.

Originally published by Essen Stellt sich quer Facebook page. Translated by Enough 14. Image above: Twitter account @dnerfunboss

In a text on his private homepage, R. reveals that the attack he carried out was directed against “elites” in the USA. The terrorist attack on the bars in Hanau is clearly racist motivated: R. believes that certain ethnic groups should be fought and killed. He goes on to speak of a “degeneration of the people” and thus ties in seamlessly with the narrative of the “death of the people” and the “great exchange”, two classic narratives of the far right. Australian mass murderer Brenton Tarrant, who in March 2019 committed a terrorist attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, also referred to “The Great Exchange”, as did Anders Behring Breivik, who in 2011 killed 77 people in the Swedish (This happened in Norway, not Sweden. Enough 14) Utøya. In this country (Germany, Enough 14), it is again and again the “Identitarian Movement”, but also the ” Alternative für Deutschland”, which uses the legend of “The Great Exchange”.

Only a few days after the dismantling of a presumably far-right terrorist cell, in which even a policeman from Hamm is said to have been a member, it becomes clear once again that there is an immense problem of right-wing terrorism in Germany. For years now, there has been growing evidence that the scene is becoming increasingly radicalised, going underground and being armed.

The goal of the terrorist attack also fits into the picture of the terrorist attack: the aim of the alleged terrorist group was to provoke a “civil war” through targeted killings. Right-wingers have been preparing for a long time for a so-called “Day X”, teaching themselves, supported by non-profit associations in military sports, bunkering food supplies and planning to overthrow the system.

In Germany, 497 far-right extremists are at large, although they are being searched for. It is high time to drain the far-right swamp and their networks with all available means!

Our thoughts today are with the relatives of the victims and those affected by the attack in Hanau. We mourn together for the dead.

Essen stellt sich quer, february 20, 2020.

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