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March 14 – #Paris: If we all storm forward, the king will fall

Paris. French territory.

UPDATE: We added the Brilliant mobilisation video with English subtitles. A new start up. Tirelessly. Demo, blockade, riot, strike. Tear gas, rubber bullets and offensive grenades. Thousands of lawsuits, hundreds in jail. When this civilization is on its last legs, everyone will remember these days, weeks, months. No matter what the outcome will be. Black Rock or us. There’s nothing in between. The laws of capital or a world made by people for people. Macron will fall, one way or another. But the circumstances of his fall will determine the course of history. A call from france:

Originally published by Non Copyriot. Translated from the German version of Sebastian Lotzer by Enough 14. Video by @Newbieur

Video by @Newbieur

It is 16 months ago that a revolutionary beginning was started in France. Hundreds of thousands of people have risen to the zenith of our times to resist the inhumanity of a system that seems to still fascinate itself even when it collapses.

“He kissed so often and in vain to the deceitful spring,

…dipped his arms, how often! …to wrap them around his neck,

right into the middle of the flood and can’t grab on in this flood,

I don’t know what he’s looking at, but what he’s looking at is what makes him burn.” [d.Ü.]

Let’s say it clear, the future will be either fascist or revolutionary. Capitalism is tightening its control over people in order to generate more and more short-term profit at the expense of our life and our planet.

As the metropolises of the world turn into Gotham City, full of corrupt politicians, corrupt cops and vendors of empty promises, nature is burning, species are dying, the soil and air are becoming increasingly contaminated, and the future we leave to our children will be simply uninhabitable if we let it happen.

It is time for a historic turning point. We do not want a future determined by profitability and oppression. It is time to strike back with all our power, to turn the tables and make an impressive rendezvous. That is why we call on all the rebels in the world, all those who want things to change, the ‘yellow vests’, the ‘black vests’, the environmentalists, the old, the young, the trade unionists, the unemployed, the precarious, the disabled, the women, the men, the transgender, the gays, the lesbians … to make March 14 a unique and powerful event.

A nationwide call was published for this day and a meeting was called for on the Champs Élysées. There, just a stone’s throw from the presidential palace, we must make ourselves heard, challenge the authorities together, unite our forces right there and not waste them on a demonstration route that has been agreed with the police.

These are historic times, and they may turn out to be the worst as well as the most beautiful. But this will only be possible if we put all our courage and determination into it. And, above all, only if we all do it together.

One day before the local elections and in a shameful time of denial of democracy, for pensions, for our solidarity, against a destructive system that listens to nothing, we will show that the ballot boxes are on the street!

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