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#Netherlands: The Squatting Info Hour #Rotterdam is back

Rotterdam. Netherlands. A search for “Kraakspreekuur Rotterdam” brings back some old memories from 2010 and 2005, which is quite a long time ago.

Originally published by Kraakspreekuur Rotterdam.

Back to the now:
Here in Rotterdam quite some things are happening in the squatting scene.
De Tweebosbuurt, Wielewaal and de Burgemeester Roosstraat for example. But in a city like Rotterdam, you would expect more squatters, will you join us?

The Squatting Info Hour Rotterdam has been started by several squatters from the Tweebosbuurt.

Do you need a house and have found an empty place? Are you still green and can use some help? Don’t have a crowbar?
We can help.

You can reach us for the kraakspreekuur by appointment or if you just have some questions, via ksurotterdam at

To prepare for this, you could for example read/study the Rotterdamse Kraakhandleiding from 2009 – with quite some outdated information by the way – (use google translate) and research who owns on paper the building which you are planning to move into, using the Kadaster.

If you have general questions about squatting vs anti-squat, issues with flex-housing and housing in general, you can also visit the Bewonersspreekuur Bond Precaire Woonvormen Rotterdam.

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