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#Chile, Anarchist Prisoner Marcelo Villarroel: About Prison Resistance and the Need to Extend the Autonomous Anti-Prison Struggle

Santiago de Chile. Chile. A message from imprisoned anarchist comrade Marcelo Villarroel.

Originally published by Publicacion Refractario. Translated by Abolition Media Worldwide.

A brief look at the experiences of struggle from confinement, their emphasis and the contexts in which they have developed.

«Without any Central Committee or any hierarchy that classifies our members, we can only meet strange faces as friends through their actions. We love you, we embrace you, just as we know that others will. Other cells, sections, groups.»

Cholera Brigade 1970.-

In times of sharpening the social conflict, jail is the main instrument of control and punishment for hundreds not subject and rebel.

Historically, dominance through all its devices that sustain power, authority, the world of hierarchies, patriarchy and capital has used the normalizing sanction to combat any form of Resistance that attacks and threatens its social peace.

Without going any further, it was only in the Pinochet dictatorship that this dynamic massively and systematically affected thousands and thousands of Rebels who fought it, delivering the best days of their lives.

The legal framework based on the national security doctrine was reformulated, and an internal enemy was seen to be crushed under the excuse of “fighting Marxist cancer” according to the voice of the genocides of the time.

The putrid “military justice” operated:

Thousands of dead, disappeared, exiled, persecuted, violent, tortured are the indelible memory and sad sad legacy of the neoliberal capitalist re-foundation of the Yanky Empire through the bourgeois military insurrection of the genocidal Chilean army.

With the beginning of the massive popular protests from the first years of the decade of the 80 ‘arises from the State the “anti-terrorist law” 18.314 on May 16, 1984 that subsequently has been modified twice.

Democracy arrived in 1990 and hundreds of political prisoners had survived an insane confinement regime maintaining decent practices of Resistance and organization despite being characteristic of an ideological construction based on the predominant and hegemonic Leninism Marxism in the Chilean popular movement for more than 60 years.

In this way, March 11, 1990 was used as a time to define a historical court, after 17 years of Pinochet, in the treatment of all those political prisoners who were in the prisons, based on the fact that the recovery of the Rule of law, Patricio Aylwin had assumed, did not justify violent action because, according to the leaders of the agreement and the ruling political class, there were the channels for a correct and peaceful citizen participation », generating legal and political mechanisms to free everyone Hundreds remained in the prisons of this territory.

However, on the one hand, militants from the same armed organizations were being released from prisons because they were heroes in the anti-dictatorial struggle were witnessing the arrests and convictions of colleagues who after March 11 had decided to continue the armed struggle and urban guerrilla practices because it was only a cosmetic change of capitalist refoundation covered with democracy.

In essence, the criticism and decision were correct, although they were typical of a military political left-wing look from which I now feel a huge distance.

Once again the legal framework was reformulated allowing the sharpening of a dirty war against the last rales of the armed subversion of the left.

The anti-terrorism law was amended in 1991, torture was maintained as a habitual procedure by the police, selective killings and the nefarious “military justice” continued, the decree that allowed the Office of Public Security to be founded as the origin of the current Agency was enacted. National Intelligence and the first high security prison was built in Santiago, Chile, which is the same one in which I have lived in two periods for more than 20 years.

As of February 20, 1994, the high security prison is put into operation and with it the intra-prison treatment for the rebels changed, making this one of annihilation.

Mobility spaces were reduced and for the total control of “subversive criminals”, a demented regime was applied that originally contemplated the logic of high and maximum security born in the European parliamentary democracies that fought the urban metropolitan guerrillas in Germany, England, Spain, France and Italy.

On the other hand, this comprehensive repressive treatment fulfilled its function by defeating the different armed projects of the Mapu-Lautaro, the various Mirista and Rodriguista groups that operated in Chile, establishing as a terminal milestone of that political generation the escape from the FPMR on December 30 1996 from the High Security Prison in Santiago de Chile.


A multiform path of persistence.

«I never expected to go out alive from such an intense war to the death with the garbage world that only offers us to consume or die in their prisons.

Let’s be, let’s live, let’s look for the path to total liberation away from the executioner that persecutes us ».

Anonymous in conflict.- 1996

It is in this period that, for the first time in Chile, a practice of anti-prison struggle begins to develop, based on organizational principles based on horizontality, affinity, direct action, mutual support.

The Camina Libre Collective of political prisoners was founded, founded by a universe of 9 companions, 4 of whom we had been expelled from the Mapu-Lautaro for “anarchist deviations” inside the high security prison. From that moment until today no link or meeting space I had or have had with this organization very much in spite of the police journalistic typification that insists, over time, to call me «lautarist» thus explicitly denying the overturn towards a position Libertarian Autonomous Subversive.

Free Walk was self-resolved in 2004 with the departure of its last members after almost 12 uninterrupted years in prison.

It is from this moment until today that the contribution of this group has been maintained and deepened in the autonomous construction that fights for the abolition of prisons, for the destruction of prison society, for the creation of networks of complicity, for the proliferation of the anti-authoritarian struggle, for the relationship of the various resistance microcultures in Chile and the world that call the social war clearly and unambiguously.

It is Camina Libre hundred modifies the language of anti-prison fight refusing to grant the conceptual privilege of calling freedom to the democracy of capital, therefore the cry and slogan of freedom for prisoners to fight becomes: Prisoners in the street! Because freedom will only be found when there is total Liberation. It also establishes affinity ties by renouncing formal political practice by rejecting ties with hierarchical groups and organizations making horizontality tangible in a social and historical context in which the authoritarian and vertical still prevailed, although in retreat, as a form of natural organization in the spheres of the “popular politician.”

The proliferation of collectives, bands, nuclei, coordinators, publications calling for social war was encouraged from this Anti-Prison Area.

The foundations were laid in a way to see and understand the struggle for the destruction of prison society as inherent in the subversive practices of attack on the existing, allowing the encounter of several generations of clear autonomous, black and insurrectional influence.

It is in 2013 where the last 4 political prisoners linked to the old armed organizations finally leave after 8 years of nightly imprisonment, thus closing a cycle of political imprisonment initiated 23 years before that is reopened with the State offensive Chilean against the most radical sector of Rodriguismo with the arrest of Marcela Mardones in 2017 and the extradition of Mauricio Hernández from Brazil to Chile in 2019 as a pact of demofascist avenience between Bolsonaro and Piñera.

Recently, the Domain Justice has set the penalty imposed on Mauricio in 27 years of effective imprisonment thus ratifying the fascist revenge against his history of combat and illegality against the powerful.

However, from 2005 until today many colleagues have had to face prison as a result of their convictions and fighting options.

From prisoners for street fighting, for occupations, for artifacts and fires, for assaults and recoveries with police deaths.

The offensive of the State has been permanent reaching peak moments as in the “case bombs 1” of 2010 in response to persist and maintain a Subversive Autonomous practice, black, insurrectional and multiform as a living manifestation of Social War against the State, jail and the capital

After the “bomb 1 case”, more comrades were falling intermittently coming from a black spectrum Ke from their individuality to the action or in the street fight that became more acute since 2011 with the massive calls for the so-called “Social Movements”.

It is important to note that, with clear exceptions, behavior is generated among detainees tending to cultivate a low profile as a way to hide the “political origin” of the cause as well as the obvious fear of giving in to high sentences. This has prevailed over time, becoming almost a school of behavior inside the prison in terms of silence, the null theoretical-practical contribution and the inability to share the experience of confinement with their peers in order to strengthen the real knowledge of a trench to which we are all exposed from the moment we cross the border of illegality.

It is imperative to have the clarity of the need to be a permanent contribution in all the contexts and spaces where the conflict takes us and that the prison can in no case annul us in our capacities and potentialities.

If we are warriors that this condition be expressed in jail and on the street and never be defeated by fear, silence and less by repentance.

I establish 2005 as a temporary historical reference since it is in the winter of this year that the operation of the criminal procedural reform begins definitively throughout the territory dominated by the State of Chile and with it another prison police legal treatment.

Again the Anti-Terrorist Law is reformulated again in 2010 And it is in December of this year that the horrific death of 81 people imprisoned in the jail of men in San Miguel de Santiago generated an inevitable extension of conscience and anti-prison axion allowing the birth of an asset of spaces coming from the social prison. Family and friends of the 81 dead and solidary environments have forged initiatives of denunciation, memory, legal, assistance, but also of struggle through direct action in jail and on the street with different intensities and scope.

Another point to review, in repressive legal matters, is Law 20.813 of 2015 (second presidential term of Bachelet) that came to modify Law 17798, on arms control and the Criminal Procedure Code, for which there is today an important number of imputed persons resulted from their participation in the Revolt through street fighting.

The reason of the State, to modify said law, is because the courts at the time of the sentences were not able to dictate them by the Anti-Terror Law, but rather ended up applying the Arms Control Law. Therefore, it was necessary for them to strengthen and strengthen this law.

Among the provisions, it is worth highlighting article 14 D, which incorporates the placement, shipping, throwing, explosive bomb, as a incendiary (also added the chemical, corrosive, toxic or infectious).

Leaving with sanction, the major prison in its middle degree, for hundreds fall into this figure, if they comment on it in areas or spaces of public use.

And in cases of fireworks, whose main components, are small amounts of fuel, or other free-of-charge civic element to the public, (directly entering Molotov pumps, or contact ones), leaving the penalty of lower prison in its degree maximum, if they commit the crime in areas, or spaces of public use.

Regarding the penalties, this law makes the regime, of substitute penalties, not applicable for these crimes. Seeking thus, punish the refractories, ensuring the confinement, to whatever position against their order.

Likewise, the reality of the Mapuche political prison has remained from the 90s until today. The Mapuche Liberation War has maintained and deepened since 1997 with truck lugs in Lumaco, its extension and presence throughout the wallmapu. The Chilean state has only responded with jail, repression and death. It should not be forgotten that “The Anti-Terror Law” after many years without being applied again was used in 2006 when Bachelet, in his first administration, invokes it regarding the Mapuche Liberation War and from then on has had application in the Wallmapu and in the rest of the territory dominated by the Chilean State, clearly expressing that this is the only language that power maintains with all the rebels who, with different reasons and reasons, point it out with their actions of permanent offensive.

The legitimacy of the Mapuche Liberation War between exploited and non-Mapuche maladapts is unquestionable.

In the same way that today violence against power and its misery, rebellion as behavior of rejection and practical affirmation of our struggle is justified by the immensity of motives and reasons that reality itself gives us as Arsenal to destroy it.

Its social peace imposed with blood, repression, exploitation and death does not resist passivity.

Today is the time to broaden the forms of autonomous subversive organization, never forgetting that we are in prison for long sentences, we have kept our conviction intact, pointing a way with our real resistance for decades.

From a look of war, it is with the prisoners that we have been with for years, it is necessary to redouble the freely assumed real commitment to do everything possible to take us back to the streets.

This is not at all contradictory with the formation of solidarity initiatives with this large cluster of prisoners called “political prisoners of revolt” among hundreds of people, there is a small universe of compasses that today face the struggle from this trench.

We cannot encourage denialism and allow oblivion by prevailing this logical coming of a gaze strongly permeated by citizenship between hundreds of people just remember that political prison exists.

Nor should we encourage the construction of a caricatured idea of the partner behind bars as a hero or victim of an intense moment of conflict.

We are people at war, many warriors convinced of the need for attack. Some before and others after the same path of subversion that in our life stories we come with our dead, prisoners and escaped to be part of this historical moment of tension and permanent revolt.

All signs speak of the sharpening of the conflict. Because power is not a subjective immaterial idea but also and above all manifests itself in a subtle and brutal way through the monopoly of violence exercised by its State guardian hit men, their order and their law.

It is necessary clarity to act, having a perspective look with our past, from the present without temporary amnesias that allow us to consistently stand in front of the conflict. Because we are the conflict while the flame of illegality prevails as a result of our conviction of struggle capable of facing torture, imprisonment and death in these times when war is unleashed and when there is no turning back.

Ke this awakening anti-prison result of the sharpening of the conflict serves to enhance the integral fight against all that exists.

Remember that there is a fight taking place inside the prisons and it directly affects us hundreds of years we have been locked up and it is against decree law 321 promulgated in 1925 and that establishes the possibility of “probation” to convicted and modified in January 2019 With serious results for the compliance times of almost all those convicted in the country, demanding two thirds of effective conviction, more faultless conduct and psychosocial report made by the jailers incurring a flagging violation of their own legality that indicates as doctrine the fact that no law applies backward in time except that which favors the condemned. Except the facts conceived

As “crimes against humanity” that do not prescribe and for which there is worldwide agreement as a tendency to clarify historical truths and justices always in the domain of domain laws.

On the other hand, the first days of February of this year, Law No. 21,208 began to be applied, which establishes penalties for sanctuaries and typifies acts that threaten the freedom of movement through violent means, better known as the “anti-sacral law”, Inecive expression of a legal political offensive of the State that does not cease to use its extensive continuous repressive Arsenal to try to stop the Revolt as well as to perpetuate the greatest value of its merchandise along with its very high profit rates.

Do not forget each of the reasons that are present in this Revolt.

For yesterday, for today and for those who will come !!

It is vital to keep the strength and the newen always high, the powerful insurgent memory to know how to walk in high and complex times like those that are lived today. Never lose the compass of our desires and needs, never forget each and every one of the servile executioners to power who have acted with the evil characteristic of their status as hired assassins of the State. Never let fear take over our conscience less than our action.

It is time to go for everything since the waiting and justifications for inaction are only the language of the domain, its supporters and false critics.

Saluting all the accomplices and brothers spread throughout the world, on the run, in prisons and in war and conflict zones.

For the extension of solidarity with the prisoners of the Social War, the Mapuche Liberation and the Revolt.










Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda

Libertarian prisoner

High security jail

Stgo from Chile

February 2020

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