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#UK: DIY Culture Issue 5 – Gentrification and Expropiation

Politicians of every shade are in the pockets of property developers and landlords – many local councillors and MPs ARE landlords. They will do nothing to solve the so called ‘housing crisis’. They will not legislate against their own self-interest.

Submitted to Enough 14.

Pressure is building, as we are forced into overcrowded, multiple occupancy, rent factories, as our children face a lifetime of being robbed by greedy bastard landlords and as those with financial power, accumulate more and more property. As a class, it will be up to us to retake our cities and rebuild them for everyone. We will have to start taking direct action. We need to occupy, squat and requisition the empty investment blocks and abandoned council estates that haunt our skylines like ghostly totems to global greed – give homes to the thousands on the streets, to refugees, to those who are languishing on useless local authority housing lists.

But not just the odd squat, but a gigantic, coordinated, nationwide flash-squat of multiple empty sites all at once, which might give the people more of a chance to settle in while the opposing forces flap around trying to decide which enormous phalanx to evict first.

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