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#Chiapas & beyond: Commemorations and Actions in Memory of #SamirFlores on Anniversary of Assassination [Video & Images]

On the one-year anniversary of the assassination of indigenous land defender Samir Flores, there were commemorations in many places, including Zapatista territory, and his name was painted on the Mexican consulate in Minnesota.

Originally published by Abolition Media Worldwide and Enlace Zapatista.


“WE ARE ALL SAMIR” Zapatista mobilizations started at dawn on February 20 in Defense of the Territory and Mother Earth, for justice for our dead, our disappeared, our prisoners and against megaprojects of death

Jacinto Canek Caracol. JBG Flower of our word and light of our peoples that reflects for all. Community of CIDECI-Unitierra. Official municipality of San Cristóbal de las Casas.

Dignified spiral weaving the colors of humanity in memory of the fallen Caracol. JBG Seed that blooms with the conscience of those who fight forever. Tulan Ka’u, reclaimed land.

Caracol Resistance Towards a new dawn. JBG The path of the Future. La Garrucha



Cultural barricade for the day #SamirSomosTodasyTodos


Mexico City

Graffiti messages were written on walls and monuments throughout the city, including “No to PIM” “Samir lives” and “AMLO murderer” on the monument to Cuitlahuac. PIM refers to the Morelos Integral Project, a megaproject which Samir Flores fought against.



On February 20th, to honor Samir Flores’ legacy, his name was painted on the front of the Mexican Consulate in Minnesota. Samir lived and died defending the land against the extractive projects of capitalism; an inspiring loyalty to the Earth.

Across this territory too, people have and continue to struggle for life against similar projects. The fight to stop Line 3 and the fights against megaprojects in the territory often known as Mexico are intertwined. They are one fight: a fight for life.

¡Samir vive!


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