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Common Statement: Transnational solidarity against racism and war!

Hundreds of groups and organizations worldwide sign multilingual Statement demanding peace, fundamental rights and freedoms of every person on the move.

Originally published by Cross Solidarity.

Five years after the so-called “refugee crisis” and almost four years after the EU-Turkey deal, we are once again witnessing the violence caused by security-centred migration policies. Since last Thursday (27.02.2020), thousands of people have been moving towards the Turkey-Greece border following the announcement that migrants wanting to reach Europe will no longer be stopped on the Turkish side. The announcement from Turkish government officials came after the death of 33 Turkish soldiers in the Idlib area, where conflict escalation has seen the civilian death toll rapidly increase by the day, with basic infrastructure and health facilities being blatantly fired at. Turkish government keeps its borders with Syria closed while seeing no harm in pushing thousands of migrants towards the doors of Europe, into a limbo.

Migrants and asylum seekers from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and several African countries have been reaching the border-crossing areas of Edirne, Çanakkale, and İzmir; some were brought there by buses of municipalities, some arrived by private taxis, or walking. In the Edirne area, they have been allowed to proceed to the border zone by the Turkish authorities, but Greek police forces prevented them from passing with gas and sound-lighting bombs. At the same time, Turkish authorities restricted the access of journalists and reporters. Those stuck in the grey zone between the two states under heavy rain and with scant food supplies have been shouting for the opening of the borders. Some of those who reach the land border were told by the authorities to cross by sea despite hazardous weather conditions.

In Greece, the scenario is also worsening. The government has recently passed a new stricter and even more inhumane law on asylum entailing detention upon arrival to the Greek territory for all new asylum seekers. In the past days, local communities on the islands of Chios and Lesbos have been clashing with riot-police in opposition to the establishment of new detention facilities. Under the burden of the so-called “refugee crisis” since the EU-Turkey deal, they have been protesting against the deterioration of their own living conditions and of the living conditions of those seeking asylum there. However, xenophobia and racism have never stopped infesting the public discourse. In reaction to the latest events, Greek government officials have been fuelling hatred and fear by spreading the myth of an invasion by “illegals” at the behest of its neighbouring country.

Xenophobia, racism and their normalisation must be opposed everywhere they surface, be it in Turkey, Greece and anywhere else. The instrumentalization of the lives of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees reduced to a threat and a bargaining chip must end, both in domestic electoral campaigns and in the relations between the Turkish government and the EU. The security policies that push thousands of already displaced people into a limbo and the border regimes that cause the endless cycle of violence against them must cease. What we demand are peace, fundamental rights and freedoms of every person on the move.

Borders are killing, open the borders!

Stop the war on refugees & migrants!

Transnational solidarity against racism and war!

For a free world without borders, exploitation, and exile.

List of signatories (March 3, 08:27am CET)

Love Without Borders-For Refugees in NeedLove Without Borders-For Refugees in Need
SOS RacismoSOS Racism
Αναρχοσυνδικαλιστικη Πρωτοβουλία ΡοσιναντεAnarchosyndicalistic Initiative Rocinante
BOEM* Verein zur Förderung von Kunst, Kultur, Wissenschaft und KommunikationBOEM* Association for Art, Culture, Science and Communication
1969Catch a smile Luxembourg
ALA (Asociación Libre de Abogadas y Abogados)ALA
Advocates AbroadAdvocates Abroad
borderline-europe – Menschenrechte ohne Grenzenborderline-europe – Human rights without borders
Birlikte Yaşamak İstiyoruz İnisiyatifiWe Want to Live Together Initiative
Hope Cafe Refugee Soul Food .Feeding Hope International
Δίκτυο για τα Πολιτικά και Κοινωνικά ΔικαιώματαNetwork for Political and Social Rights
Bordermonitoring Bulgaria
eipcp – European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies, Wieneipcp – European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies, Vienna
You can`t evict SolidarityYou can`t evict Solidarity
SAP – Gauche anticapitaliste (Belgium)Current for an Anticapitalist Project – Anticapitalist Left
Birlikte Yaşamak İstiyoruz İnisiyatifiWe Want to Live Together Initiative
Πρωτοβουλία: Το Σπίτι των Γυναικών, για την Ενδυνάμωση & τη ΧειραφέτησηInitiative: The House of Women for Empowerment & Emancipation
εφημερίδα “Η Κόκκινη”“The Red Journal”
Precarity office ViennaPrecarity office Vienna
Cars of HopeCars of Hope collective (Germany)
Πρωτοβουλία Αλληλεγγύης ΛαμιαςProtovoulia allilegiis Lamias
Day of the Endangered lawyer foundationDay of the Endangered lawyer foundation
Liga voor de Rechten van de MensDutch League for Human Rights
Lesvos Lgbtiq+ Refugee Solidarity
Sosyalist Demokrasi için Yeniyol
Ανεξάρτητη Πρωτοβουλία Νάουσας
Aριστερή Ενότητα – ΑΡ.ΕΝAristeri Enotita – AR.EN
Göçmen Dayanışma Ağı/AnkaraMigrant Solidarity Network/Ankara
Infokolpa, Ljubljana, SloveniaInfokolpa, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Halkların demokratik partisiPeoples ‘ Democratic Party
Κίνηση “Απελάστε τον Ρατσισμό” – ΚΑΡ“Deport Racism” Organization
Διεθνιστική Εργατική ΑριστεράInternationalist Workers Left
Κιουρί-at ΘεσσαλονίκηςKiouri-at Thessaloniki
Collectif de soutien de lpEHESS aux sans papiers et aux migrant-es (LDH)Organization of help to the illegal immigrants (EHESS, Paris (LDH))
Frauen in Aktion GöttingenWomen in Action Göttingen
Çağdaş Hukukçular DerneğiProgressive Lawyers Association
Ospiti in Arrivo onlus
Halklar Arası Dayanışma Köprüsü DerneğiHalkların Köprüsü Derneği
Agenzia stampa internazionale PressenzaPressenza International Press Agency
Επιτροπή Στήριξης Προσφύγων Λαυρίου
Legal Centre LesvosLegal Centre Lesvos
Tevgera Jinên Azadfree Women’s Movement
Ankara Infoshop- TezgâhAnkara Infoshop-Tezgah
сп. dВЕРСИЯdVERSIA magazine
Περιοδικό “4” – ΤΠΤMagazine “4” [TPT = 4th International Programmatic Tendency] – Greece
Inicijativa DobrodošliWelcome! Initiative
CPT-Aegean Migrant Solidarity
Medya ve Göç AtölyesiMedia and Migration Association
Ελεύθερος Κοινωνικός Χώρος “Αλιμούρα”Free Social Space “Alimoura”
Χειρονομία – Αντιεξουσιαστική ΚίνησηXeironomia – Antiauthoritarian Movement
Hor 29 Novembar – Verein für Kunst und KulturChoir 29th of November – Association for Art and Culture
Κοινωνικό Στέκι, Στέκι Μεταναστών ΧανίωνSοcial Center / Migrants’ Place in Chania
medico internationalmedico international
Rosa Antifa WienPink Antifa Vienna
Stichting MiGreatMiGreat
Push-Back Map
Δίκτυο Κοινωνικής Υποστήριξης Μεταναστών και ΠροσφύγωνMigrants and Refugees Support Network
Act Up – ParisAct Up – Paris
YaBasta BolognaYaBasta Bologna
«Οδυσσέας» – Σχολείο Αλληλεγγύης“Odysseas” Solidarity School
ομάδα Sylvia Rivera – για ένα κινηματικό Thessaloniki Pridelgbtqia+ group Sylvia Rivera
Friedrichshain bleibt – Autonomes Projekt in BerlinFriedrichshain stays – Autonomous project in Berlin
Aντιεξουσιαστική Κίνηση ΚομοτηνήςAntiauthoritarian Movement Komotini
Mare Liberum e.V.Mare Liberum e.V.
GAR Göç Araştırmaları DerneğiAssociation for Migration Research (GAR)
Grupa neovisnih volontera iz BiHIndependent volunteers from Bosnia and Herzegovina
Kritnet – Netzwerk für kritische Migrations- und Grenzregime ForschungNetwork for Critical Migration an Border Regime Studies kritnet
Deportation Monitoring Aegean.bordermonitoring.euDeportation Monitoring
Tarlabaşı Toplum MerkeziTarlabaşı Community Center
Си Ви Ес -БългарияCVS -Bulgaria
Özgürlük İçin Hukukçular DerneğiLawyers association for freedom
You can’t evict SolidarityYou can’t evict Solidarity
Jer me se tiče, Bosna i HercegovinaBecause I Care, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Feministički antimilitaristički kolektivFeminist Antimilitarist Collective
حركة مناهضة العنصريةAnti Racism Movement Lebanon
Toplumsal Dayanışma İçin Psikologlar DerneğiAssociation of Psychologists for Social Solidarity
Partido Comunista de España – Secretaria de migracionesCommunist Party of Spain – Secretary of Migration
Anti Deportation IrelandAnti Deportation Ireland
Cork Anti Racism Network, Ireland.Cork Anti Racism Network, Ireland.
Cork Says No to Racism, IrelandCork Says No to Racism, Ireland
“I’m interested in Migration” group“I’m interested in Migration” group
Demokratik Alevi Dernekleri
Фабрика АвтономияFabrika Avtonomia
Halkların Demokratik Kongresi Göç ve Mülteciler MeclisiPeoples’ Democratic Congress Migration and Refugees Assembly
Refugees Welcome PortugalRefugees Welcome Portugal
Özgürlük İçin Hukukçular DerneğiAssociation Of Lawyers For Freedom
Universiteit LeidenLeiden University
Συνάντηση για μια Αντικαπιταλιστική Διεθνιστική ΑριστεράEncounter for an Anti-capitalistic Internationalist Left
Αντιρατσιστική Πρωτοβουλία ΘεσσαλονίκηςAntiracist Initiative of Thessaloniki
asylkoordination österreich, Verein Integrationshaus, Plattform Asyl für Menschenrechte
Žene u crnomWomen in Black
FİSA Çocuk Hakları MerkeziFİSA Children Rights Center
Khora Community Centre, AthensKhora Community Centre, Athens
ActivaT AbogadosActivaT lawyers
Συλλογικότητα RADical PrideRADical Pride
Olgher Santodomingo Guarin
Osservatorio Solidarietà – Carta di MilanoSolidarity Observatory
المنتدى التونسي للحقوق الاقتصادية والاجتماعيةTunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights FTDES
Izquierda latinoamericana en MadrdLatin American left in Madrid
Comité si a la paz de Colombiacommittee yes to the peace of colombia in madrid
Comité de zona – PCC estado españolPCC zone committee Spanish state
Hayvan Hakları İzleme Komitesi (HAKİM)Animal Rights Watch Committee (HAKİM)
Μor dayanışmaPurple solidarity
Μano ApertaMano Aperta
Kaos GL DerneğiKaos GL Association
İnsan Hakları Derneği Çanakkale ŞubesiHuman Rights Association Çanakkale Office
No Name Kitchen
Kulturzentrum im AmerlinghausCultural Centre Amerlinghaus
Mid Wales Refugee ActionMid Wales Refugee Action
Emek ve Adalet PlatformuLabour and Justice Coalition
Avocates Européens Démocrates (AED)European Democratic Lawyers (AED-EDL)
Atmos Collective
Galway Anti Racism Network
SAP Grenzeloos NederlandSAP Grenzeloos Netherlands
Flüchtlingsrat Sachsen-Anhalt e.V.Refugee Council Saxony-Anhalt
ASNUCI (Asociación de Nuevos Ciudadanos por la Interculturalidad)
AK Asyl Göttingen (Germany)
Στέκι Μεταναστών ΑθήναςMigrants Social Center Athens
Ardıç Dayanışma DerneğiArdıç Solidarity Association
Action for WomenAction for Women
Mujeres Supervivientes de violencias de genero,
Mediterranea Saving HumansMediterranea Saving Humans
Πρωτοβουλία Ηρακλείου για τους Πρόσφυγες/ΜετανάστεςInitiative for refugees/migrants Heraklion Crete
Infomigrante – Esc AtelierInfomigrante – Esc Atelier
Fairness Asyl/ Österreich http://www.fairness-asyl.atFairness Asyl/Austria http://www.fairness-asyl
Başlangıç KolektifiBaşlangıç Collective
Αλληλεγγύη ΚωςKos Solidarity
Freundeskreis Asyl RheinfeldenCircle of Friends of Asylum Rheinfelden
Linköping university
Emek ve Adalet PlatformuEmek ve Adalet Platformu
Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Sosyal Hizmet KulübüBogazici University Social Services Club
Saving Humans USASaving Humans USA
The Hope Project
Χιακή ΣυμπολιτείαChiaki Simpolitia – Chios, Greece
Aid BrigadeAid Brigade
Refugee Assembly BrandenburgRefugee Assembly Brandenburg
Misplaced Women?Misplaced Women?
Independent, previous volunteer R4R and Drop in the oceanIndependent, previous volunteer R4R and Drop in the ocean
people4people e.V. Frankfurtpeople4people e.V. Frankfurt
Human Aid Collective e.VHuman Aid Collective e.V
Διεθνιστική αλληλεγγύη ενάντια στον ρατσισμό και τον πόλεμο!Transnational solidarity against racism and war
Lowtech with refugeesLowtech with refugees
هيومينا لحقوق الإنسان والمشاركة المدنيةHumena for Human Rights and Civic Engagement
Χειρονομία – Αντιεξουσιαστική ΚίνησηXeironomia – Antiauthoritarian Movement
Seebruecke GrazSeabridge Graz
Πρωτοβουλία: Το Σπίτι των Γυναικών, για την Ενδυνάμωση & τη ΧειραφέτησηInitiative: The House of Women for Empowerment & Emancipation
Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste (France)New Anticapitalist Party (France)
Solidarité Migrants WilsonWilson Migrants Solidarity
Representing myselfRepresenting myself
City Plaza
Gemeinsamer Horizont e.V.Gemeinsamer Horizont e.V.
lgbtqia+ refugees welcomelgbtqia+ refugees welcome
emantes – International lgbtqia+ Solidarityemantes – International lgbtqia+ Solidarity
MARSA Zaragoza (Movimiento de Apoyo a Refugidos y Solicitantes de Asilo)MARSA Zaragoza (Movement to Support Refugees and Asylum Seekers)
KaldıraçKaldıraç (Anatolia)
Αλληλέγγυη ΣκύδραςSkydra’s solidarity
Plataforma Ciudadana Caudete se Mueve
Asyl in NotAsyl in Not
Qualia Inc.Qualia Inc.
Lara Courage e.v.Lara Courage e.v.
KaldıraçKaldıraç (Anatolia)
Göçmen Dayanışma MutfağıMigrant Solidarity Kitchen
Bündnis Griechenlandsolidarität Berlin
Filika KolektifFilika Collective
Βορειοδυτικό ΠέρασμαNorthwest Passage
Храна, не война – СофияFood Not Bombs – Sofia
Kurdistan Solidarity CampaignKurdistan Solidarity Campaign
Mazí Housing ProjectMazí Housing Project
Αντιφασιστικός ΠολιτισμόςAntifascist Culture Greece
LabourNet GermanyLabourNet Germany
DIE LINKE. Saale-Orla-KreisLeft Party. Saale-Orla-District
Hestia HellasHestia Hellas
LAG Frieden, Internationale Politik und Migration – DIE LINKE. ThüringenLAG Peace, International Relations and Migration – The Left. Thuringia
Cars Of Hope, WuppertalCars Of Hope, Wuppertal (Germany)
Asamblea de apoyo a personas migrantes de SalamancaAssembly to support migrants from Salamanca
Pekarna Magdalenske mreže MariborPekarna Magdalenske mreže Maribor
Abbeyfield EROC CentreAbbeyfield EROC Centre
جفراJafra Foundation Greece
All Included AmsterdamAll Included Amsterdam
McMaster UniversityMcMaster University
Plataforma CIEs No MadridPlataforma CIEs No Madrid
Hope cafe AthensFeeding Hope International
AKNY-Greece Solidarity Movement
Grigri ProjectsGrigri Projects
Cambridge Migration SocietyCambridge Migration Society
Against racism and warAgainst racism and war
university of glasgowuniversity of glasgow
Erasmus Mundus Grant sohibasiErasmus Mundus Scholarship holder
Maynooth UniversityMaynooth University
التضامن مع اللاجئينSolidarity with refuges
Ölümlere sessiz kalma
Nova ljevicaNew Left Party
Konsultacije za lezbejke, BeogradCounseling for Lesbians, Belgrade
Praxis für PsychotherapiePraxis für Psychotherapie
Paris Refugee Ground SupportParis Refugee Ground Support
Emek ve Adalet platformuEmek ve Adalet
Leela EnsembleLeela Ensemble
Çağdaş Hukukçular DerneğiProgressive Lawyers Association (Turkey)

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