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No Border Kitchen #Lesvos: The hate continues – Fascist attitudes

Lesvos. Greece. Our friends and comrades of the Mare Liberum where today’s target of the latest facist and xenophobic tensions on Lesvos. Being attacked at their usual port a couple of days ago, the crew of the Mare Liberum where forced too move the ship to open water. Constandly being watched throughout the day and routinly harrassed by small boats.

Originally published by No Border Kitchen Lesvos Facebook page.

This morning they finaly found the oppertunity to exchange some crew and resupply the ship. As soon as they sailed into the port of Mytillini, a group of bigots gathered to threaten the ship and its crew. Under chants of “go home!” and “go to turkey! the crew of the vessel had complete their tasks. Some of us positioned ourselves in between the ship and the mob, to support our friends and make sure they where not attacked. Their hate was pallatable, polluting the air with every drop of saliva that rained from the bigots mouths.

Incidents like this show that the troubles on Lesvos are far from over, but if we organise ourselves we can keep eachother safe. We will not bow down to racism or xenophobia. We will not move for europe’s continuing war on migration. We will not be intimidated by people who hate migrants and the people that work in solidarity with them. We will stand our ground with the crew of the Mare Liberum and anyone facing these threats, together in solidarity, mutual aid and practice.

We’re gonna win the final battle!

No Border Kitchen Lesvos, March 5, 2020.

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