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#Rojava: Anarchist Union Statement Remembering Haukur Hilmarsson

The following is a statement from the Statement from Revolutionary Union for Internationalist Solidarity, the group Haukur travelled to Rojava with. To commemorate the two year anniversary of his death, defending the people of Afrin from the Turkish fascist state. We have done our best to translate the statement from Greek, any mistakes contained therein are ours.

Originally published by We Defend Rojava Facebook page.

Comrade Haukur lived a life of resistance and solidarity in social and class struggles, on the streets, in squats, in direct action, in his personal life.

Next to and with the oppressed of this world in Iceland, in Europe, in Greece, on the borders of the Aegean, in the liberated land of Rojava, against the state, capitalism, human exploitation of nature and fellow humans.

Comrade Haukur, an Icelandic anarchist internationalist and revolutionary, born in Reykjavik on July 22, 1986, travelled in 2017 from Greece to Rojava/ NE. Syria, to support the great revolution of our time.

As a volunteer of the Revolutionary Union for Internationalist Solidarity. It was the second time he had attempted this trip, during his first attempt, he was stopped at the Iraqi border. This fact demonstrates in the clearest way his passion, will and determination to join and fight for the revolution.

In Rozava/ NE Syria he trained as a fighter in the Ş. Serkan Tabur of the Turkish communist party; MLKP and joined R.U.I.S. in the ranks of the International Freedom Battallion. He participated in the battles for and the final liberation of the city of Ar Raqqa, the ISIS capital in Syria. He became an accomplished fighter, comrade and friend to the internationalists I.F.B volunteers. He took on organizational and administrative responsibilities and command. He fought for the unity of all the revolutionary forces of Kurdistan, Turkey and the rest of the world.

With the onset of the Turkish fascist state’s invasion of the Afrin canton, he was among the first volunteers to be on the front line of defense against the Turkish army and its fascist gangs.

Together with the YPG / YPJ / SDF fighters, the Turkish communist parties and the international fighters of the YPG / YPJ International, they defended the people of Afrin with courage and determination, his blood and his life.

On 24/2/2018, şehîd Şahin Huseyni became immortal when he was hit by an air strike by the Turkish fascist state. During the fighting for land and freedom, on the hills among the olive trees of Afrin. There he fell as partisan of freedom with the dignity of the finest revolutionaries, of the greatest anarchists.

Alongside the other martyrs of Afrin: Tirej Aliser, Zeynel Seyid Riza, Ozgur Avaroni. Along with Helin Qerecox, Kendal Breeizh, Sevger Makhno, Baran Galicia, Nurhak Cem, Bayram Ali Akdeniz. The life and death of Martyr Haukur Hilmarsson is an example for every fighter and revolutionary for his commitment to the struggle, his hard work, his honesty and his moral integrity.

He was a free spirit with a deep sense of justice and self-sacrifice. He had the hawk’s sparkle in his eyes, like the mountain guerrillas, like his name. His life and death are a guide to all comrades of RUIS. To follow in the path he took for the revolution, women’s liberation, the Community Confederation. On the path to peoples friendship, solidarity, ecology, human freedom.

Today, we commemorate the two years since the loss of our comrade Martyr Haukur Hilmarsson, His memory lives and fights with us.

His example urges us on. Because, in his own words: “Victory over fascism is in the interest of us all. In the interest of everyone, it is, after all, in the interest of all humanity.




R.U.I.S 23/02/2020

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