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#Amsterdam: Sarphatipark 87-H squatted

Amsterdam. Netherlands. March 8, 2020. This afternoon a vacant building in Amsterdam got new inhabitants.

Originally published by Indymedia NL.

The vacant building, Sarphatipark 87-H has been empty for a while now. It is owned by the recently decseased real estate owner van Zijl. An owner that had a lot of buildings in amsterdam, known for being vacant for a long time.
At this moment there are no concrete plans for the building.

The action went smooth, cops came verified the house was indeed squated, and left. Some hours later, some other cops showed up, told the squaters that they were caught red handed and that there was no housepeace. They told the squaters to immidiately leave the house.
The squaters did not comply. You can’t really say they are caught in the act, several hours after the collegues allready verifeid that people are living there. Also, the lack of housepeace is being disputed by the squaters. By that time there has been a nice dinner, people took showers, some took a nap. Pretty homy.
The police insisted that they want to evict the place. It looks like tonight that is not going to happen. They drove by a few times but that was it.

The squaters welcome everyone to come and help with the occupation

Fight for your rights!
Houses for everybody!

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