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#Aachen, #Germany: Neo-Nazis attacked Women’s Day demo

Aachen. Germany. On 08.03.2020 neo-Natzis again attacked alleged antifascists in Aachen.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Enough 14.

Near the Women’s Day demonstration at the Aachen market, people were threatened with a knife, pepper spray and fists by the well-known neo-Nazis Norman Schmidt and Kayan Henning. In doing so they accept that people will be seriously harmed. However, this did not happen under cover of darkness as usual but in broad daylight.

The deliberate provocation on the sidelines of a demo against patriarchy and against macho behaviour is simply disgusting! It is also simply embarrassing that the cops cannot manage to protect people from violent fascists after Hanau and instead take action against antifascists who try to protect their lives. The two neo-Nazis Norman Schmidt and Kayan Henning, who are connected in “Syndikat 52”, are completely crazy and psychologically unstable. They should be stopped as soon as possible and even today they could only be stopped from stabbing people by determined self-defence! Welcome to Germany, the land of the lone wolf perpetrators…

Press release: Neo-Nazis attack with a knife

Press release by Antifaschistische Informationen Aachen, March 8, 2020.

Today, on March 8th after 2 pm, in Aachen, in the surroundings of the Women’s Day demonstration, there was another attack by two known neo-Nazis. Near the the opening rally of the left-wing demonstration at the market square, Norman S. and Kayan H. attacked a group of alleged demonstrators. Norman S. attempted to stab with a knife, Kayan H. wore a mouth guard and weighted-knuckle gloves, he tried to injure people with punches. Only through courageous intervention of bystanders serious injuries could be prevented. Kayan H., one of the two assailants, was slightly injured himself.

The two perpetrators acted completely without restraint, the attack happened in broad daylight under the
Eyes of passers-by. The motive of the two attackers was obviously their hatred for leftists and dissenters. At this point, we must issue an urgent warning about these people, they are prepared to use violence, armed and apparently acting with the aim of seriously injuring people. The police were not on the scene during the situation, contrary to what was reported in the media. However, after the peaceful demonstration ended, they stopped participants at their way home to get their personal details.

This attack is a renewed escalation in a series of attacks and Intimidation attempts by the two and other relevant known neo-Nazis. In recent months, there have been repeated incidents of this kind, especially in the
Autonomous Centre. (More information:

Norman S. and Kayan H. are organized in the neo-Nazi organization “Syndicate 52”, which is active in Aachen and the surrounding area. It is in fact the successor organisation of the 2012 banned “Kameradschaft Aachener Land” organisation. The authorities are apparently unwilling, or unable to stop the activities of the young neo-Nazis.

Antifaschistische Informationen Aachen , March 8, 2020.

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2 thoughts on “#Aachen, #Germany: Neo-Nazis attacked Women’s Day demo

  1. Please comrades, could you avoid phrasing such as ” completely crazy and psychologically unstable” to refer to nazis, or to any threatening person at all? Mental illness has enough stigma as it is, and scum doesn’t become nazi because of mental illness at all. You could have expressed the same idea as unrestrained, unpredictable, erratic, there are many phrasings that don’t resort to ableism.

    Fighting against ableism is also an important part of fighting kyriarchy. Don’t throw your mentally ill comrades aside.

    1. We only translated this text. But we agree, which is the reason that we added and also translated the press release below the article.

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