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#Athens, #Notara26: Struggle against patriarchy, fascism, authority

Athens. Greece. March 8, 2020. Statement by the Women’s Group of Notara 26, Housing Squat for Refugees & Migrants.

Originally published by Notara 26 Facebook page.

8.3.2020 Demo in Athens

Struggle against patriarchy, fascism, authority.

We are refugees, immigrants , solidarians, females who are carrying on their skin, in their eyes, in their memory the experience of oppression by the misogynist bans of state and religion, by machismo, by class exploitation, by war, racism and nationalism.

We know that patriarchy has no race, borders or religions. It chases us everywhere, because it wants us to be submissive and obedient, raped, abused, murdered, silent and alone. But we say no. We resist. We want to live, free and united.

We fought hard to meet together in the Squat of Notara and through the experience of self-organization, solidarity and coexistence, we shared our traumas, embraced our anxieties, and charted a path of awareness and empowerment. Every day, we turn our collective home into a place of emancipation.

We participated in the 8th of March, Feminist Strike, to commemorate the historical memory of the feminist movement. Not to forget those who were murdered by their husbands, partners, fathers, cops and fascists and those who were lost in the Aegean Sea or found frozen in Evros. To send a message of solidarity to those who are waiting on the other side of the borders, to those who suffer in the concentration camps and in the detention center of Petrou Ralli.

For us, to win our lives. To dream of a world without sexists, fascists, bosses and borders.

Women’s Group of Notara 26, Housing Squat for Refugees & Migrants, March 8, 2020.

On Sunday the Cars of Hope collective will travel to Greece again to support refugees. They need your support to continue their work.

You can support them by Bank transfer or Paypal:

Name of the Bank: Volksbank im Bergischen Land

Account holder: Hopetal e.V.

Description: Cars of Hope

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Support the work of the Cars of Hope collective with refugees on the Balkan route.


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