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Alcázar De San Juan (Spanish state): CSOA La Idea attacked and trashed

Since our beginning as a CSOA (self-managed occupied social centre) on 23rd May 2017, we announce with much sadness and resignation, that the collective LA IDEA ceases its activity in the current premises.

Originally published by CSOA La Idea Facebook page. Translated by Squat Net.

In the early morning of last Thursday 5th March, the social center suffered an extremely serious attack for the development of the activities we had been carrying out. The social center has suffered irreparable damage, they have destroyed all the infrastructure we built: windows, doors, solar energy, water tanks, furniture and much more seriously, they have stolen and destroyed all the electrical installation that made it possible to hold events and activities. They have opened the fences that delimit the space and have destroyed all the material that we had, such as cleaning products, refrigerators, stoves, tables, chairs, kitchens, bathrooms, lighting and a long etc…

This situation, has been repeated in the following days during the weekend. Looting, stealing and destruction went on.
With much sacrifice we have only managed to save some objects of sentimental value for us.

During these almost 3 years, we have managed to recover and overcome innumerable attacks from the institutions and other entities, we have overcome the initial state of ruin of the social center, not depending on the electricity and water networks, and even an important legal process against our social center, but unfortunately the plundering and destruction of everything built so far, makes it impossible for us to continue using these facilities.

Of course, the collective LA IDEA continues, we do not know where, but we leave with a learning that makes us stronger, and with an experience for the future that has changed our lives forever.

We would like to thank, without exception, all the people who have been involved in the social center, in whatever way, placing a door, planting a tomato, proposing events or attending the innumerable activities that we have carried out uninterruptedly, with an enormous success of attendance, which is for us the most important thing of all.


CSOA La Idea
Alcázar De San Juan,
Castille La Mancha, Spanish state
csoalaidea [at] gmail [dot] com

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