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New arrivals on #Lesvos are stuck wherever they land

Lesvos. Greece. March 13, 2020. People arriving on the Greek islands after March 1th has been put in provisional closed detention centers, without given the possibility to seek asylum. Conditions in these provisional structures are terrible, some even have to sleep outside, without sufficient sanitation facilities, no running water, no support with clothes, hygiene ore medical care.

Originally publihed by Aegean Boat Report.

Originally the government had planned to move these people to closed detention centers on the mainland, but now it seems everything is closed down for at least one month, due to the Coronavirus. Local authorities are now sounding the alarm, these provisional structures was not meant to house people over time, also new arrivals on Lesvos are stuck wherever they land, because there is just not any place to take them. People that arrived at Chapel, Lesvos north 8 days ago are still there, more new arrivals yesterday and today will sleep outside tonight..

The situation is similar on all the Aegean islands, local authorities don’t know where to house people that is being denied the right to seek asylum. Once again Greek authorities makes new rules without following it up with any plans, leaving local authorities to handle an impossible situation, at the expense of human suffering.

“Official” numbers on people in Closed detention “facilities” on Greek Islands.

502 people in Mytilíni harbor.
93 people on three arrival locations.

258 people

130+ people

250 people

43 people

29 people

106+ people


These vulnerable people must immediately be moved to a more human location, and be given their right to seek asylum!

Agean Boat Report, March 13, 2020.

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