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Notes From #Pazarkule / #Evros, Twelfth Day

Pazarkule. Turkey. March 11, 2020.  We woke up to a morning as cold as the night we left behind. Around 8:30 a.m. there were sounds coming from the border but we couldn’t distinguish whether they were shootings of guns or gas canisters. Number of migrants at the village center was lower than the previous days. According to what have we heard, those who left the camp yesterday were barred from leaving today. Nonetheless those who wanted to leave the camp have formed a queue around 5 a.m.

Originally publiehd by GÖÇMEN DAYANIŞMASI.

Another measure which was implemented more strictly today is that the cafes that allow migrants to charge their cellphones were certainly intimidated by the police, and their exterior power switches were turned off. As a result, migrants couldn’t charge their phones. This way, migrants’ connection with the outside world was severely limited.

Like yesterday, there was dense police presence. The locals of Karaağaç were showing clearer signs of being fed up with the whole situation. We heard reactions such as “Why did they bring these people here? Isn’t it a pity?” In the evening, sounds of gunshots from the border were heard again around 6:30 pm. This time the sounds were intense. We were quite concerned. Our friends inside told us that Greece utilized plastic bullets and gas cannons as well as a vehicle which pushes the people back and changes the direction of tear gas towards them with a strong wind flow.

A delegation made up by members of several bar associations and legal associations were barred from entering the site. Their application to the Governor’s office was rejected. Only the presidents of Bar association were allowed to enter to the site. The rest of the delegation which was denied entry made a press statetment later at the checkpoint.

No Border Pazarkule/Evros, March 11, 2020.

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