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#ShutDownCanada: Ghost Blockade – “#Edmonton”

Edmonton. Alberta. In the early morning of Friday, March 13th, 2020, we took part in an act of defiance and solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en. Inspired by recent actions in the GTA, we setup a ghost blockade along the railway tracks just outside of Edmonton. It was cold, so we gave the ghosts a fire to keep them warm. CN was alerted. We burned the injunction that had been served to Indigenous land and water defenders and their settler allies on February 19th, 2020, for blocking this very same section of rail.

Originally published by Nortshore Info.

The February blockade lasted for almost 12-hours, but it was decided by those blocking the rail that it was safer to take it down than maintain a standoff with the brown shirts of the fascist petro-state of so-called “Alberta.” In this case, it was largely citizens who fancy themselves revolutionary who were doing the bidding of the state: Wexit, United We Roll, yellow vests, and an assortment of members of other more explicit hate groups.

When faced with an actual strike against the state, they showed their true colours by scrambling to oppose it.

While past actions have been Indigenous-led, this act of solidarity was undertaken by settlers who recognize that we must play an active part in the decolonization of so-called Canada. In the case of Wet’suwet’en, it is clear we must also actively oppose the state’s current colonial program that is taking place on unceded land, whereby the RCMP is enforcing the will of Coastal GasLink.

On March 21st, there is a pro-oil rally happening here in Treaty 6 at the Alberta Legislature. The petro-fascists will once again be caught by surprise as they spend their morning licking the boots of the state and oil companies. There are an infinite number of actions that can take place and, despite their bluffs, more rail than they could ever possibly hope to patrol. No number of injunctions can change this fact.

In solidarity,

Treaty 6 Settlers Against Colonialism

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