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#Rieti, #Italy – Something is moving under the state of emergency

Riety. Italy. Apparently, in the sleepy church,a few thousand honest citizens will not be able to drink from the source of online information for a while, to follow their habits of passive spectators via Instagram of virtual phantoms of their own and other people’s lives, nor will they be able to receive panic, warnings and government orders comfortably at home.

Originally published by Round Robin. Translated by Enough 14.

We appreciate that some very recent laid fiber cables have been damaged right at the chambers from a heavy rain that has penetrated to the inside. Even though it hasn’t rained for ten days.

Maybe seeing the cops all concentrated at the entrances to the city made someone turn on the famous bulb, who had a little (and no little) bit of fun?

Maybe not everyone is waiting for the signal to return to normal? Maybe there are people around who had nothing to gain from yesterday’s order, and today have nothing to regret?
Perhaps, the suspension by decree of the routine that enslaved our energy and dulled our sensibilities and a great opportunity, not just to read a book?

Maybe. Meanwhile, it’s sure that thousands of people will have one less chance to connect their mediocrity for a while, and one more chance to reconsider or, who knows, maybe to actually read that book, if they’ve decided on a voluntary quarantine. Or, if they opted for that they will no longer be able to let the servants of information and panic drug dealers tell them what’s going on… they will have to decide to stick their noses out.

Easy, like a glass of water

Everyone destroys his or her own prison: Let your fantasy run wild.

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