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#Schio, #Italy: #Coronavirus – Sociality and culture are priceless

Schio. Italy. March 14, 2020. What follows is another text from Italy about the Corona virus and the state of emergency. This text was written by the Social Centre Arcadia in Schio.

Originally published by Global Project. Written by Social Centre Arcadia. Translated by Enough 14.

Aware that the following text only handles a small part of the problems that are emerging in this moment of exceptionality, we want to try to start thinking about what the future prospects are in this very particular phase.

Breaks in social and human relationships between individuals and communities, health and the right for health care, precariousness, work, income and forms of mutualism, are all issues that need to be analyzed but cannot be summarized in a single text.

This can be a possibility to break a mechanism of isolation, of individualization, trying to use digital tools to organize ourselves, to keep ideas, relationships and discussion between different actors alive.

With the Coronavirus emergency throughout Italy thousands of activities have stopped.

Among these, the first to be restricted were educational and socio-cultural activities throughout the country. Now that the health crisis that we are going through imposes an even more abrupt and prolonged halt, it is necessary, to clearly address a very important basic issue that concerns precisely the livelihood and the possibility of continuing to exist for these realities.

Stopping for two weeks, a month and even more, with the programs, artists, courses, public meetings, puts social spaces, leisure centers, clubs, independent cinemas, theaters in serious trouble and danger, and to the crisis of facilities comes the job crisis of many people.

These spaces promote “an economy” that is born and grown out of culture, that differs from a market economy, an economy that prioritizes human relations, solidarity, that creates ties, thought, community and that is now forced to stop.

We believe that it is necessary to equip ourselves with tools that will preserve these experiences even more and the unrecognized persons/professionals that make them alive and animate them.

We ask for guarantees in this state of exception, we ask for quarantine income and dignity, we ask for the cancellation of rents during months of forced blockade, whether public or private, we ask for financial support to pay bills and supplies. Economic support that is always and to a large extent guaranteed to the categories of industries and traders.

Our spaces, the spaces of culture and sociality, can also be engines to overcome the difficulties that this state of exception presents us: self-organization to ensure minimum but essential services with health precautions, mutual aid for those in difficulty at this delicate time, union support for anyone in difficult situations.

For this very reason we are also organizing ourselves in our territory to put in place solidarity practices that can offer support from below to those who are suffering the consequences of this state of exception in a stronger and more direct way.

Follow us for the next updates.

Social Centre Arcadia, March 14, 2020

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