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#Athens: Eviction of the #Gini occupation within the #Polytechnio University in #Exarchia

Athens. Greece. March 15, 2020. On Sunday morning, the police invaded the Polytechnio (Warning Facebook Link) and evicted dozens of people living there, including small children. It is reported that they were taken to the migrant detention centre of Petrou Ralli, bringing an end to their occupation of Gini. Last week, one detainee in Petrou Ralli attempted suicide.

Originally published by Are You Syrious and @Exile Arizona. Image above also by @Exile Arizona.

Open air assemblies were organised to discuss the situation and were reportedly harassed by police throughout the Exarchia neighborhood.

Antiracist and antifascist demonstrations took place in Mytilene, Lesvos on Saturday and on Crete on Sunday. Police intervened violently against protesters in Rethimno, Crete.

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  1. […] not previously possible due to street-level resistance became successful. This was evidenced in the eviction of the Gini occupation at the Polytechnic University in Exarchia, Greece, a location that the police have not dared enter […]

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