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#COVID19 quarantine diary, Day 1: Stop the panic hype and start to fight against this totalitarian machine!

Wuppertal. Germany. March 17, 2020. The applause by many people for the “measures” of authoritarian state rulers is making me more and more angry every day. That didn’t change as I started to feel a bit bad today. It got a bit worse during the day and I wasn’t sure if I just had a cold or maybe…

Published by Enough 14. Written by Riot Turtle.

I decided to call my doctor. I told him I have a little bit of fever, short breath and dry coughing.. “Stay at home..”, thats what he said. Which might also has to do with my not to good medical record. I actually decided to follow his advice. I feel a bit sick (but I am okay) and I dont want to be responsible for somebody else his or her death. I contacted the people that I was in contact with the last couple of days, many comrades immediately asked how I felt and asked if I need anything. That was a good moral boost.

I actually feel not that sick. I am not lying in my bed and I am not worried about my personal situation. I am more worried about people applauding authoritarian measures by several states across the planet. I am more worried about the situation of migrants on the European borders, prisoners and people that welcome the lockdown of social life, while at the same time people are still forced to go to work (and I don’t mean necessary jobs like nurses, doctors, people working in stationary youth welfare, retirement homes, supermarkets etc.) in factories and so on. I am more worried about the state of exception and why so many people are not even questioning it.

Did everybody who cheers this state of exception forget that the people who they are applauding for now, are the same people that don’t give a shit when elderly people can’t live from their pensions? That the rulers that force a complete lockdown of social life, are the same ones that are responsible for privatizations and cuts in health care, which is one of the main reasons why the Corona virus is considered as a threat, because their policies reduced the capacity of intensive care units? People are applauding these perpetrators?

Series of Basic rights are taken overnight and people don’t seem to have a problem that big corporations like Volkswagen can decide for themselves how they want to proceed. Volkswagen actually announced that they will will close their factories for two weeks. Not because the government forced them to protect the health of their workers, but because, as Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess said today, they don’t sell enough cars at the moment and they have problems with their supply chain.

So we have the situation that state rulers argue that kids are not allowed to have fun on playgounds because they could infect somebody or get infected themselves, but its no problem when they get infected when their parents come home from work. And that’s something that parts of the left start applauding for?

So yes I am feeling bad. Bad and angry. Does anybody knows how long these “safety measures” will stay? A spokesperson of the German Robert Koch institute told reporters today, that in a “worst case scenario” this could be up to a maximum of two years. WTF! And even if it will not continue for two years, the whole security paranoia is going to change society, and not in a good way.

We have enough experiences from the past that once new authoritarian security laws were implemented, they didn’t dissapear after the so-called threat was over. Its up to us, to question this “its for your own good” discourse of people who are responsible for the killing of migrants on the EU Border, for killing loads of people by exporting arms in war zones like Syria and Yemen. Just to name a few things they did.

Its up to us, to stop this panic hype and start to fight against this totalitarian machine.

Riot Turtle, March 17, 2020.

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