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#Lesquin, #France: “We’d rather starve than die of this shit!“

Lesquin. France. March 15, 2020. In these days of panic because of the COVID-19 (corona virus) outbreak, there has been as many different reactions as many different people.

Originally published by Calais Migrant Solidarity

But how about a quarantine when your “home” is a cell with several other inmates and you have no access to doctors if not through cooperative police officers?
How do you “stay safe at home” when you are in an abusive household , or when you are homeless?

Response from the government have been insufficient, unsurprisingly.

While municipal elections take place this very Sunday in the city of Calais, daily evictions of land where several hundreds people spend their nights continue as always. In full illegality, and unpunished. And so they will most likely carry on, as today’s elections results see the former mayor, natacha bouchart, winning by a landslide. 6 more years of walls and barbered wire politics, yay!

And people locked up in detention centre (CRA) in Coquelles, although many countries have closed their borders to both land and air travels rending deportations virtually impossible, still are retained.

No surprise that in such conditions, there has been one confirmed COVID-19 case in the other detention centre of the region, in Lesquin, close to Lille.
Inmates are doing a hunger strike to protest against the lack of measures put in place for their health and asking for immediate release of all detained in any detention centre.

Here is their message:

“We’d rather starve than die of this shit! “

15/03/2020 News from the Administrative Detention Centre (CRA) in Lesquin.
On Friday, 13/03/2020, we learned that at least one case of coronavirus has been confirmed at the CRA. Although the person has been evacuated, no measures have been taken for our safety in the face of the epidemic.
The Border Police (PAF) officers have gloves and masks and we have nothing.
We have therefore decided to stop using the collective spaces of the detention centre, in order to protect ourselves, which involves the refectory. We have not eaten for three days now for many of us.
Other consequences :
– the association, usually present to help us to assert our rights, is absent. How can we defend ourselves and inform ourselves?
– Visits from our relatives and supporters are also forbidden, reinforcing our isolation.
– Many hearings of the judge of liberties and detention (JLD) are postponed, and it is during these hearings that we can be freed. And we cannot remain locked up without a judge’s authorization.
– Most international air flights (especially to Italy and Morocco) are cancelled. If in any case we cannot be deported, what is the point of keeping us?

For our survival and the respect of our rights, we demand the immediate freedom of all the people locked up in the Lesquin CRA and in all the detention centres!
Faced with the isolation and anxiety in which we find ourselves, we wish to make our voices heard through the sharing of this message.
Spread it!
You can also call us on public phone numbers, to get in touch with us, to get our messages out.
Hall: Zone A: Zone B: Zone C: ”



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