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Notes From #Pazarkule/ #Evros, Thirteenth Day

Pazarkule. Turkey. March 12, 2020.  This morning, Karaağaç was a little busier than the previous days. The migrants, who gave their fingerprints and left the border area, were lining up at the A101 supermarket to do their shopping for the day or approached cafes individually to charge their phones but were send away.

Originally publiehd by GÖÇMEN DAYANIŞMASI.

As far as we understand, migrants in the border area are only allowed to go out once or twice a week. When leaving their fingerprints are checked so if it confirms that a person already left the day before its not permitted to leave again.

Our feelings that new migrants have not been taken to Pazarkule for the last 3-4 days have been reinforced. Stories suggest that people that try to come to this area are stopped at the checkpoints and are directed to Uzunköprü and Ipsala. We do not know if in this way a new gathering area was created or if migrants are encouraged to cross the border directly through Meriç river. On the other hand, these people may also be sent back to Istanbul directly. We also heard that those in the camp area who want to return to Istanbul were moved to Istanbul free of charge by Migration Administration buses and that more and more people started to return in this way recently. But how migrants who consumed all their resources during the waiting time at the border will return to their previous places after being dropped in Istanbul is another question.

From inside the camp we got the news that a refugee friend was beaten by the gendarmerie for no reason. Also, as we have learned from different sources, there are many unaccompanied girls and boys in the camp area.

It is often mentioned that there is not much improvement in terms of health and hygiene conditions inside. We hear that the medical team in the area only intervenes with the people who are affected intense by gas, injured and emergency, and that most of the migrants are unaware of the existence of this team at all. We are told that since the water supplied with tankers is not in the quality of drinking water health problems have arisen, especially diarrhea, vomiting and fever are common among children.

A group of our friends went to the Bulgarian border during the day and observed that there was no activity or unusual security measure on the contrary to the border to Greece.

Another of our friends stated that two refugees arrived to where they stay in Edirne, who were pushed back by Greece, with their money confiscated, and with muddy clothes and in a battered condition.

No border Pazarkule/Edirne, March 12, 2020.

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