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#Bologna, #Italy – #StayAtHome?

Coronavirus. March 18,2020. What follows is another text from Bologna, Italy.

Originally published by Round Robin. Translated by Enough 14.

Stay home. Prevent contagion. That’s wise of course, but it’s not something everybody can do.

We don’t all have the same possibilities: there are those who are forced to go to work, those who “choose” to stay at home run out of money, those who are imprisoned, those who don’t have a home (and for this they are fined as happened in Milan).

They tell us that the problem is the sly and irresponsible people who do not comply with the prescriptions, they invite us to “act for the common good” if we see someone out of line.

In the meantime, the buses of those who go to work under a boss are full, factories, warehouses and call-centers work.

Hospitals and health facilities are crammed with people forced to work without proper safety precautions.

You can work crammed, you can protest by asking to stay at home or asking for protective equipment (see the workers on strike in Campogalliano on 13/3/20).

To blame the individual is hypocritical to say the least.

We live in a society that has always put profit before everything, even health (Ilva, Marghera, Quirra, “land of fires” etc. …).

As never before, if you don’t have the same opportunities to protect yourself, in fact, nobody really has them.

The struggles of the last in the workplace, as in prisons, are struggles of those who refuse to be sacrificed as a second-class life on the altar of the established order.

If their struggles do not have, with our support, the power to question the privilege of being able to choose, we will all have to pay the bill for capitalist inequality.


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