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#COVID19 quarantine diary, Day 2: “Big business will do everything they can to make sure that we are going to pay for the recession”

Wuppertal. Germany. March 18, 2020. The second day in quarantine wasn’t cery different from the first one. Except.. as I live alone… and normally meet a lot of people, its starting to get strange to be isolated. Parts of the left are starting more and more to point their finger on people who still meet outside.

Published by Enough 14. Written by Riot Turtle. Image above: Moria (Lesvos) in December 2017. Image by Riot Turtle.

I am still feeling sick, but I am doing okay. I am still not lying in my bed. A slight fever, dry coughing and tired. So no real change compared to yesterday. except that ist really strange not to meet people in person and this is just the second day.

In Bavaria the first curfew in Germany was pit into effect in Mitterteich. I don’t think it will be the last curfew on the German territory.

German daily Handelsblatt wrote in their Coronavirus liveblog today: “The Swedish truck and bus manufacturer Scania will stop large parts of its production in Europe next week. The reason is the shortage of components and major disruptions in the supply and logistics chain due to the spread of Covid-19 in Europe. Production plants in Sweden, the Netherlands and France are affected”. In Germany things are similar. Most production plants that stop operations, are not doing this for the health of their workers, but because of disruptions in their supply and logistics chain.

Instead of campaigning for the health of these workers or denouncing the cuts and privatizations in the health care sector, parts of the German left are busy denouncing people that still meet outside. The cops came with 3 cars to Schuster square in Wuppertal (Germany) today and checked ID’s before people got banned from the square. “Some people still don’t get it”, were among the reactions of people who heard about the police action. They didn’t mean the cops.

Humans are social species and for some of them its hard not to socialize and meet people. I am not saying that its wise to meet with a group of people in the current situation, but who am I to judge them? Most people were sozialized in a neoliberal society. Thatcher once said: “There is no society”, and now people are wondering that many people are stockpiling toilet paper and continue to meet outside? By the way, its not easy for everybody to stay at home. Another thing is that after I had read that all these bans can possibly go on for months and maybe even longer, I started to ask myself, what will this mean for the society we live in? What will this do to people who have mental health problems like for instance depressions? Its easy to judge ordinary people, its more difficult to question and fight against those who are responsible for the conditioning of people’s behaviour in a neoliberal society. Its also more difficult to fight against those who are resaponsible for the fact that many many people that are still forced to go to work, and against those who are responsible for the lack of capacities in German hospitals. Applauding for people that decided to privatize hospitals and who are responsible for budget cuts…

The hashtag #StayAtHome is making me sick. While “good citizens” are told to stay at home, many people actually don’t have a home. The homeless, but also the people in the overcrowded refugee camps. The Gernan government decided today not to take minor refugees from camps like Moria (Lesvos) at the moment. I was in Moria several times. During my last stay around 12.000 people where “living” in the camp. Now there are around 20.000 people in and around Moria. When the worst case scenario will become reality, many people could die there. The sanitary conditions were always a disaster in camps like Moria, in these “Corona” times they can easily become deadly. If we want to act in solidarity and if we are serious about the slogan “No nations, no borders” and “Refugees Welcome”, we need to act now. If we don’t, solidarity actually doesn’t mean that much here, because soon it could be too late… The fight against Fortress Europe should be intensified now!

But no, parts of the German left are discussing a few people that meet outside. We actually dont have time for that. Not for the people at the EU borders, nor for the people who live here. Stocks are going down rapidly and big business will do everything they can to make sure that we are going to pay for the recession that will come (soon). Instead of repeating the mantra of the ruling class, its about time that we start to discuss how we will fight capitalism and how to replace the neoliberal misery were all living in for an anti-authoritarian society.

Luckily, there are people who are aware of this and who are organizing solidarity with migrants at the EU borders. Some of them also understand that this is the time to intensify the struggle against the neoliberal capitalist system. Let us discuss, regroup and fight against the totalitiarian machine.

Greetz from the Quantine apartment

Riot Turtle, March 18, 2020.

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