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No Border Kitchen #Lesvos: The war against migrants is escalating

Lesvos. Greece. March 16, 2020. Statement by No Border Kitchen Lesvos.

Originally published by No Border Kitchen Lesvos Facebook page.

Last weekend two demonstrations where held in the city of Mytillini. One by the general left, and one by the autnomous antifa. Both concerned with the same topics.
To show solidarity with each other against the local facists and xenophobes, europe and its every increasing presence at the borders. By organising and walking this demonstrations we showed that we are not afraid of the future, despite it looking very grimm.

The war against migrants is escalating. It has reached the point that we all feared would come one day or the other. This time in oppression comes in the form of a temporary stop of proccesing of new asylum cases. Since Turkey “opened its borders”, new arrivals are meant to be deported back to their country of origin. And with this, every migrant that arrives now is totally and utterly criminalised.

For now they are only speaking about a temporary measure as long as Edrogan keep’s Turkey’s borders “open”. Of course we know that no border is ever “open”, and that in this case it is also just a political game that is being played. However they could extend this state of exeption for a longer time, or even adopt parts of it in their normal policy concerning “illegal” border crossings. Since migrants can rarely get into europe in a “legal” manner, they are forced to desperate measures. The effects of this measure is clear. And this, this is the focal point. Geopolitical forces keep pushing, but the distincions between us are constructed by the same forces. Politicians play their power games while people suffer.

Last week, the Guardian published an article that details the conspiracy that is in place to make sure people cannot cross the central med, and how Frontex and the EU supply surveillance for the Libyan coastguard, to be able to push boats back before any attempt at rescue has been made.
And if they do it in the central med, why not in the Aegean, where they even have a proper agreement in place? What is to stop the EU from doing this at any point? Here, they say the closing of the borders only whilst Edrogan is keeping them open. But what stops a state from prolonging this state of exeption? The EU cries faul but we never believed them. And now we have proof for all to see. We spend years screaming from the perifiry while people where dying as a result of geo-politics, state policies and local racism. And now, we have our facts. But the point of this is not to wallow in our self-rightoussness. We are not parading this article written by liberal news as if we are suddenly validated in our conviction. But the facts remain the same, just like their consequenses

The ones who created, maintained and expanded agencies like Frontex no longer have anywhere to hide their true intentions. They are the attack dogs of the almighty superstate. A superstate with two hands that hold in the left hand a constructed idea’s of human rights to keep manufacturing consent and in the right hand a bundle of sticks, to smash those who dare to cross the border into fortress europe.

Get angry. Get organised.

No Border Kitchen Lesvos, March 16, 2020.

As soon as the situation allows (due to Corona restrictions by several EU governments) the Cars of Hope collective will travel to Greece  again to support refugees. They need your support to continue their work. Read their statement here.

You can support them by Bank transfer or Paypal:

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Account holder: Hopetal e.V.

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