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Solidarity with persons seeking protection in greece and the eu external borders – March 21: International Day Against #Racism

Call for a banner action on March 12, 2020, in solidarity with migrants in Greece and the EU outer borders.

Originally publisehd by Barrikade Info.

Due to the necessary precautions to contain COVID-19, the demonstration “KILLING BORDERS – SAY IT LOUD, SAY IT CLEAR, REFUGEES ARE WELCOME HERE”, which would have taken place on Monday, had to be cancelled. As a collective of solidarity we did not want to create a dangerous situation – solidarity and cohesion are more necessary than ever in a time of crisis like this.

Corona puts all other issues in the shade – but the humanitarian catastrophe at the EU’s external border and the violence against people on the run still persist – even if this is hardly ever reported in the media. People held in the often overcrowded camps on Lesbos and Samos have no access to basic medical care and therefore no chance of protecting themselves against the spreading Corona pandemic. People fleeing from war and persecution are pushed back at the European external border with tear gas and water cannons and are exposed to the violence of border officials and fascist groups. It cannot be that the protection of borders is more important than the protection of human lives!
If everyone can agree that everyone has the right to be protected in the event of a pandemic, then everyone must also be able to agree that everyone has the right to protection and asylum when crossing borders and seeking safety.
On 21.3.2020 is Int. Day against Racism and you are invited to join this solidary transpi-action from the quarantine.
What you need: cloth or a canvas, paints and brushes, a window or a balcony and some time 😉
We call for solidarity with those seeking protection at the EU’s external border and to carry the message from our homes to the streets, courtyards and the public on 21 March. Do not look away – look. Show attitude, take a stand and remain in solidarity!
You are welcome to post your photos under the hashtag #grenzentöten.
Be creative and inventive. Otherwise, here are some examples of slogans that can be used:

 Kill borders – create safe escape routes

 No to Fortress Europe

 Solidarity despite Corona – Refugees welcome!

 Solidarity here, now and everywhere – also for people seeking protection in Greece!

 Stop violence – open the border

 Say it loud, Say it clear, Refugees are welcome here!

 #we have a place

 No dirty hands- no dirty deals! Stop EU Turkey deal!

 Borders in place- evacuate camps- health care for ALL!

As soon as the situation allows (due to Corona restrictions by several EU governments) the Cars of Hope collective will travel to Greece  again to support refugees. They need your support to continue their work. Read their statement here.

You can support them by Bank transfer or Paypal:

Name of the Bank: Volksbank im Bergischen Land

Account holder: Hopetal e.V.

Description: Cars of Hope

IBAN: DE51 3406 0094 0002 9450 87



Support refugees on the Balkanroute

Support the work of the Cars of Hope collective with refugees on the Balkan route.


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