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#COVID19 quarantine diary, Day 3: “Squealers call the cops to report people who dare to meet outside.”

Image above: A screen display showing “early discovery, early report, early quarantine, early diagnosis, early treatment” during Wuhan coronavirus outbreak in Hefei, Anhui, China.

Wuppertal. Germany. March 19, 2020. The third day in quarantine. Its terrifying that more and more people demand a full lockdown on social networks. Squealers call the cops or other authorities to report people who dare to meet outside.

Published by Enough 14. Written by Riot Turtle

I did my daily phone call with my doctor today and told him that I have to cough more but my fever is still very low (37.8 Celsius). All in all I am okay.

With the risk of starting to repeat myself more and more, I am more worried what is happening outside of my prison apartment. In social networks squealers are calling to report people who are still meeting outside. Under the hashtag #Ausgangsperre many even demand a full lockdown in Germany.

As I live alone, I didn’t see anybody for three days now. A few comrades organized new cigarettes, which was a real moral boost. Thanks! Others are offering support too. So yes I am okay, BUT its getting harder and harder to be in quarantine. And when its over the German state probably started enforcing a lockdown. I am pretty sure that the neighbourhood where I live will be full of cops. Many people here are not best friends with the state and they know that.

Its getting harder and harder not to go outside and meet people. Quarantine attacks my head in a severe way. The fact that I feel sick might have give it a boost. Who knows? Fact ist that this is a bad situation. I think a lot about the kids I work with and people who are suffering from depressions. What will a full lockdown do with them?

A full lockdown? No. I already wrote yesterday that many people are forced to continue to work in factories and other businesses. But with a full lockdown they will not be allowed to go out and sozialize after work. Its only allowed to infect, or to get infected during work. The Euro must continue to roll as much as possible.

I also worry a lot about the squealers and the calls for a lockdown. Many of these people are ready for fascism, including parts of the left. We have a lot to do in the coming weeks, months and years and its going to be a difficult and hard struggle.

Riot Turte, March 19, 2020

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