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#COVID19 quarantine diary, Day 4: “State rulers babbling about solidarity”

Wuppertal. Germany. March 20, 2020. The fourth day in quarantine. The world outside, outside of my prison apartment is getting more gloomy day by day.

Published by Enough 14. Written by Riot Turtle

I am still coughing, having a slight fever and feel tired a lot. Its getting a bit more intensive, but I am still okay. Its the imprisonment in my apartment that is getting harder every day. Especially with the ongoing march towards a even more authoritarian state.

Some people might think that I am irresponsible when I publish my views about the state measures against the virus. Thats interesting, because I actually never said that we shouldn’t make a huge effort to combat the virus. But what some of the people that don’t want to read any critique about the state measures do, is insulting you and than block you, so you can’t even answer them and yet they claim that there is no development in an authoritarian direction… But they don’t want to discuss this. To be “out of line” is getting harder and harder.

On Sunday German state and federal governmennts will have a phone confererence. According to several media outlets they will also discuss a full lockdown. Some are cheering, others are demanding that they want a full lockdown NOW! I don’t want to comment these outcries for totalitarian rule, I am to tired. Except that, yes, parts of the so-called left are also among these people.

State rulers are babbling about solidarity. Including Angela Merkel (CDU), whose government crushed Greek society during the Troika years. The Greek health care system was one of the things that was completely ripped apart by former German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble (also CDU). Of course with the support of Merkel. A few weeks ago the German government decided to take the derisory number of a few hundred (there are around 20.000 refugees on Lesvos) refugees from Lesvos. But now Merkel’s gang canceled the reception of this small group. Leaving them alone on Lesvos. It should be clear, in case the Coronavirus hits the Moria camp, many people are going to die there. These are rulers that shit on the homeless, the poor in general, that leave refugees to die on the Greek islands and that made refugees living in Germany to second class people with their latest asylum laws. And now Merkel and co dare to babble about solidarity, but they don’t even know how the word is written. But hey… many people are cheering. You can win elections with this.

The collective fear for their own life, let people accept about anything. And they love to be part of a solidary society. They don’t want to hear, that German society is actually not solidary at all and it never was. Of course there are people who know that, of course there are still people that don’t buy this political theatre. But the overall majority is about to accept anything at the moment. Without any debate.

The state know some people are not “in line”. Last night the cops were terrorizing the Rigaer squat in Berlin again (video below), and in the district where I live, the Elberfelder Nordtstadt, in Wuppertal, there are more cops than usually. When a full lockdown comes, things will get ugly here.

I will leave it by that today. I am tired and have to sleep again.

Greetz from the prison apartment.

Riot Turte, March 20, 2020

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