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No Border Kitchen #Lesvos: #Lockdown in effect

Lesvos. Greece. March 23, 2020. As of this morning, 6am, Greece and therefore also Lesvos are offically in Lockdown. All of the regulations that are either now being enforced or be very soon will be in other nation-states are implemeted. For now, being outside without a reason is a reason to receive a fine of E150.

Originally published by No Border Kitchen Lesvos Facebook page.

Also in Moria, the measures are intensified. Going out for shopping is now no longer considered urgent enough to leave the camp. This means people are completly reliant on the military for nutrician. Up until now people are not receiving extra food, sanitary products or water. In the part of the camp that is used for dentention the water has been completely cut off. In addition to this, extra private security was hired to enforce the measures. Surrounded by uniformed bulldogs, in a place with not enough food, drinking water or safety. No security, dependend on a nation-state that has made it increasingly clear that they do not want them here.

Meanwhile, a new closed camp has been approved quietly in the midst of this corona crisis. Without any protest. Without any consideration. Without any empathy. After this crisis is over, the world will be a different place. Not only because of the economical impact, but also because of the human impact. For too long systems of oppression through labour has been running on and on like a freight train. And now it is almost forced to a halt. Some people are using this pause to reconsider. Working from home. Having time to spend exploring hobbies, interests and time with families at home. For others, it means losing jobs, homes and possibly ending up homeless. And for everyone it possibly means losing loved ones, friends and comrades.

But for the people in Moria, the suffocating oppression will become even more palatable. Bleeding in the blur, the few things that they did have to ease their stay in this rotten place are taken away. It would have been impossible to imagine the situation in Moria getting worse only a few months ago, no guarantee is given if when this crisis is over, will return to the state in what it was before. Or simply transported to a new closed camp, with these temporary measures intergrated into new policies.

The news is filled everyday with tragedy, warnings and speculations about the future. For us, it is very clear that the future for the people on this Island who are locked inside the tragedy that is Moria, things will get worse. For europe, “human rights” are being presented like a hobby that can be done on the side when the economy is stable. First and foremost concerned about the safety of it’s “citizens”, the rest will be left behind. Or even worse, be used as an example too increase xenophobic fears for the coming climate apocalypse. This will bring with it more economic instability, and yet more migration.

No Border Kitchen Lesvos, March 23, 2020.

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