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Solidarity with political #prisoners of chilean police state

March 23, 2020. During the last few months we have seen how in the region dominated by the Chilean state, repression has acted brutally against those who have risen up against the democracy inherited from the Pinochet dictatorship. The police and army have not hesitated to shoot and kill demonstrators and then cover up their murders with crude staging. Deaths, mutilations, torture, rapes and beatings have been revealed to world public opinion, which has returned a lukewarm and politically correct response of rejection.

Originally published by Indymedia DE.

As anarchists we do not look for answers in their justice apparatuses, we do not believe nor want police, military and politicians in prison, as we despise prisons and understand them as one more link in the chain of tools used by Power to maintain the established order. We do not believe in their justice, we despise their justice. In the same way we respect the autonomy of the different individuals and insurrecting collectives that rise up in the Chilean territory. They will be the ones who know how to return the bullets, on henchman who unleashed frustrations in the diverse demonstrations against those who without fear, faced their weapons with stones, sticks and other magical devices that illuminated the streets.

By taking on the anarchic path, we reaffirm the struggle against prison as a fundamental pillar of our ideas, understanding solidarity as the genesis of our struggle.
Today the conflict in the Chilean region is not only fought in the streets, but also in the different prisons, where more than 2,500 political prisoners are locked up due to the demonstrations. Various irregularities in their investigation processes further prolong their preventive incarceration in addition to suffering harassment from prison guards.

We send our warmest greetings to those who continue to fight inside the prisons, to their families, friends and colleagues, to those who have fiercely organized themselves inside the cages under the accusing noses of the guards, and to those who day by day from outside of the walls stir up revolt and beat the bars of the extermination centers.
To the comrades of Module 14 of the Santiago 1 Jail/State, for facing with dignity another edge in the anarchic multiformity of the action.

Never humiliated, never defeated

Until we annihilate the last bastion of prison society… we are at war!
Political prisoners in the prisons of the capital to the streets!

Pelao Briones* to the streets!
*One of almost 3 thousand prisoners, waiting for a trial since 18th October 2019

Anarchic, antinational individuals, March, 2020.

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