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Aine on Isolation, Loneliness, and #COVID-19

How to to deal with isolation and loneliness and anxiety during the covid crisis. The latest episode of Live Like the World is Dying features a discussion with Aine from the Jane Addams Collective[1] about how to manage mental health during all of this.

Originally published by Live Like the World is Dying.

The Jane Addams Collective can be found online at

The full text of the book Mutual Aid, Trauma, and Resiliency can be found online at

[1] The Jane Addams Collective is a small anarchist collective made up of social workers, psychologists and others who believe that in order to have a true and sustainable culture of resistance we must be able to maintain our mental health. We believe that this work is an essential part of community self defense.

The collective, working in New York City, creates innovative mental health programs, organizes workshops and longer interventions exploring a mutual aid-based understanding of mental health care, and programs educational and cultural events.

The image we’ve used in our header is a drawing by Ugo Guarino, the slogan translated as, “Freedom is Therapeutic.” Guarino participated in the Italian movement for Democratic Psychiatry in the 1970s.

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