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#Berlin: Eight demands in times of the #coronavirus

Berlin. March 25, 2020. Interkiezionale Statement on the current situation: eight demands in times of the Coronavirus. When these demands are not met, we will take matters into our own hands!

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Slightly edited (in the English translation) by Enough 14.

“First things that have not changed in 20 years change within years, then within a year, then within months, then within days and hours. Finally, even within seconds.”

Wolfgang Rüddenklau on the passage of time during a revolution.

We are experiencing a revolutionary situation: In Europe, fundamental rights of freedom are being suspended every hour. There is practically no public discussion about this. Anyone who critically questions the drastic measures is considered an idiot at best, at worst a traitor to “national health”. Obedience to the authorities becomes the supreme civic duty, all in the interests of the endangered “old and sick”.

Those same authorities have been spitting on the elderly for years, many pensioners have to work additionally, collect bottles, and organize their food at the food bank. They are evicted from their homes by force and bullied by authorities.

The same authorities have been spitting on the sick for years, they have set up a two-class medicine system, they discuss the closure of a significant number of hospitals and clinics, they have made the working conditions for nurses to hell.

Against this background, we consider critical observation and analysis of the situation as essential. As radical leftists we are aware of our responsibility. Responsibility for health, but also responsibility for freedom and life.

Many of the current measures are appropriate and should be followed. Neighbourly solidarity must be developed. We must support the homeless, whether by increasing donations, distributing food, offering a solidary place to sleep or by opening the nearest AirBnB apartment for a safe retreat for a few hours.

We have to support the elderly, get food for them without contact, help them out with financial shortages and and provide them with social contact opportunities.

At the same time we should not forget that we want health and freedom for all people. This also means for people in prisons and refugee shelters, which are currently being sealed off even more and are receiving poor medical care. This also means for people in the camps on the sealed-off external borders of Europe, who are currently left alone, also medically.

Together we are capable to act. That is why we must take action against the state of emergency and the forced social isolation.

That is why we demand:

1. Abolition of all evictions

2. Abolish the Berlin Line [1]

3. Suspension of rent payments

4. No electricity and gas cut-offs

5. Confiscation of all emptyand AirBnB dwellings for homeless people and people from [forced] group accommodation facilities

6. Dissolution of all [forced] group accommodation facilities

7. Immediate financial support for people who have lost their jobs (which were guaranteed, precarious and poorly paid)

8. No curfew

When these demands are not met, we will take matters into our own hands!

The current situation presents us all with challenges, but so does the prevailing order. And if this order is shaky, we should not hesitate to trip it up. If we act skilfully, we can use the situation to take control of the rudder that, as the radical left, is increasingly slipping away from us and transform the capitalist madness into a world of solidarity and self-organization.

P.S: Day X 17.04! We will still come and defend Syndikat, as long as the current restraint is only unilateral and cops and bailiffs can still do whatever they want! [2]

[1] “During the 1970`s as Berlin was cut off from the rest of West Germany, a special climate developed. This was answered with large squat actions throughout the 1980`s. The government of Berlin, which obviously saw the squatting as a problem, came up with the “Berlin line”. This law allows the police to evict houses which an owner can show are for example to be renovated. At the same time thin laws gave the police powers to immediately evict every new squat.”

[2] According to journalist Madlen Haarbach, Martin Hikel (District mayor of Berlin Neukölln) told German daily Tagesspiegel that the bailiffs have postponed the date of the eviction of the Syndikat until further notice. But there is no official confirmation of Berlin city authorities yet. . Follow @syndikat44 on Twitter for updates.

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