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Land of the living dead

March 24, 2020. The whole world is in crisis mode. Stock prices are falling. The pandemic is spreading. States are forced to use authoritarian measures to gain control, while the full antisociality of the market economy is becoming apparent. So much, that the finest neo-liberals are now easily talking about nationalizations to make up for the damage to their image.

Originally published by Autonomie Magazin. Translated by Enough 14. Written by Vidar Lindström.

We are now supposed to take the rap and lock ourselves up more or less voluntarily in our own, far too small, four walls. Flatten the curve means, optionally written together with hashtag in front, optimized for social media propaganda. A collapse of the health care system is to be countered, so that we don’t have to decide who dies and who doesn’t, like in Italy. Sure, avoiding contacts, washing hands properly, observing the rules for sneezing and coughing to minimize the risk of infection makes perfect sense and a complete lockdown even makes sense in a situation like Wuhan, where the virus had already spread so massively that the only thing that helped was to completely close down the area to avoid throwing a country with almost 1.4 billion inhabitants into chaos.

It is necessary to slow down the spreading and therefore prevent mass gatherings. Also the shops should close and only the most necessary supplies should be kept running. But in order to prevent the value added and the entire capitalist world system from collapsing once and for all, the factory halls will remain open and millions of people in Germany will continue to go to work every day. Hundreds and thousands of colleagues crammed together in offices and factory halls, working without this work benefiting the now so vital areas. So we are expected to shut down our entire social life while the government continues to keep the breeding grounds open?

So who is acting irresponsibly now? People diligently denounce their neighbours in social media, and leftists are playing along with the whole game. Instead of making massive demands for factory closures, compensation, secure jobs, etc., they diligently denounce people and unquestioningly share and spread state propaganda. A large part of the left is just getting rid of its social task. We in the fight against the virus, the nation united, against the “Volksschädlinge” [1]. This does not give hope for a left offensive in the crisis, and we need it urgently, because we remember: where within a crisis the left leaves space, the reaction will be widespread and it will be brutal.

The whole nation is crying out in panic stay at home and social distancing, because otherwise our elderly will die in rows. Social distancing: a mantra of neoliberalism, which has destroyed all solidarity and participation in society. How is that actually supposed to work in a refugee shelter? Oh yes, right: By finally showing the actual purpose of such shelters. They are internment camps, nothing else. The same is true in the prisons, this repugnant system of revenge that tries to domesticate all those who cannot or do not want to afford the normal participation in social life. The crisis exacerbates the exclusion and denunciation against all those who do not conform to the godlike figure of a German citizen of order. Then just stay at home, where depression really takes over. Where do the homeless people go who are now being taken away? You don’t really know, like in dystopian science fiction.

We just have to save the elderly. Everyone has to make sacrifices. That’s pretty shameless. The old people who languish in institutions because nobody wants to deal with them. Everyone who can no longer be part of the value chain is simply mercilessly cast out and now they want to save them. Poverty pensions, social exclusion etc… It is obvious that the concern for the elderly is hypocritical. Those who have run down and privatized the entire health and welfare system want to pull our legs. In our society, the elderly have always been nothing more than the living dead. Their fate was decided long ago. Who really wants to save them, does not only rely on mass testing (which has proven to be the most effective), but should finally start fighting against the whole inhuman system of usability. If we allow the rulers to make the state of emergency the norm with their mendacious talk, we will all share the blame for a situation in which all opposition will disappear. Anyone who then opposes will be able to be declared an enemy and hunted down unchallenged. In the end, this will not help the old people, nor anyone else. The class struggle from above finally needs consistent answers from the working class if they are not to pay the entire crisis debts again.

[1] Volksschädlinge. In the so-called fighting time of Adolf Hitlers NSDAP party this term was used to describe “traffickers and usurers” and from 1930 the term was also used for alleged traitors to the Nation.

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