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#Brazil, Porto Alegre: Disobey – Live!

Porto Alegre. Brazil. March 26, 2020. Faced with the growing number of exceptional measures taken during the Covid-19 crisis, we went out in Porto Alegre to put up posters, so that fear would not be the only stimulus on the streets.

Originally published by 325. Translated by Enough 14.

Because we know that when those in power claim to care about us, we urgently need to distrust them.

The normality that they defend, in these times of pandemic, will triumph over it, with a state of war-like control imposed in the name of health and safety. Thus, for us, the anarchists, it is impossible to defend that normality; we will not defend a life of misery. That is why we do not go back to the limit of promoting alternative platforms, alternative consumption, alternative spiritualities, alternative readings, alternative submission that help to pass the online quarantine.

Some urgent memories about our anarchist decisions and actions.

For anyone who wonders why we cannot simply accept the Covid-19 security and prevention orders, we want to remind you that:

Anarchists, almost a century ago, decided not to feed the death industry of consumerism, and learned with our anarchist comrades about vegetarianism or naturism. Practices that we reinforced, later, with veganism, and also with our rejection and fight against agro-toxics and industrial food. Thus, the ELF (Earth Liberation Front) and the ALF (Animal Liberation Front) burst in, destroying slaughterhouses, farms, breeding stations, butcher shops… And we anarchists attacked supermarkets and restaurants like McDonald’s, aware that this was not food but merchandise that poisons and weakens us.

We also decided, long ago, to reject the control that the state health system constantly wants to impose on our bodies, by standardizing our ways of birth, of healing, of “hygiene”, of eating. We also refuse to accept, indifferently, the “mental health” system of psychiatry, aware that these are sinister weapons of the pharmaceutical industry that controls large parts of the world, collaborating to form a working mass that is medicated and conformed to the life they impose on them. In response, we always had actions, from banner drops to attacks on pharmacies and drug companies, that marked our eagerness to get rid of the “health industry”.

We anarchists, since we started calling ourselves anarchists, cultivate a critical sense that prevents us from believing in the official media and voices of domination or false critics, aware that these messages do not reject authority, which is our course, but call for obedience and normality. With times passing, we have learned to distrust new technologies, “social networks” and the flood of disinformation. And, consequently, we attacked their antennas and television channels, their radars, those that control and watch us day by day.

We deeply refuse to obey, because we do not recognize masters or gods since we know that their God, the eternal dictator, together with those who dominate, is one of the motors of the submission of obedience, of the lack of reflection and individual decision. Thus, for centuries we have been burning churches to free ourselves, by fire, from that dominion that lulls those who are exploited to sleep with hope.

Furthermore, we anarchists want the prevailing order to end and we did our part from the assassination of rulers to explosions of buildings.

And by building a barricade, on any given day, by burning down machines, banks or luxury cars, we decided insistently to break the flow of capital, that flow that those who love profit defend in blood today, a flow as we know guarantees the operation of the machine.

And while some do not want the machine to stop, we need to destroy it because it is it that what kills us and makes us sick.

In short, because we anarchists decide to attack domination, today like yesterday, we not only turn our bodies away from their poisons, our minds away from their manipulations and lies, but we also prepare ourselves to resist. As our comrades resisted, years of isolation in F.I.ES. prisons (solitary imprisonment in Spain), in the prisons in the United States and in all prisons.

We prepare ourselves to resist torture, like our comrades in the “network” case and Ilya Romanov in Russia. We prepare ourselves to resist eternal persecutions like those of Marco Camenish and Gabriel Pombo da Silva. We prepare ourselves to fight with all our power against the life of misery that they want to impose on us, like the comrades in Chile, who fought for almost 4 months in the streets.

We always dream of bringing about the collapse and death of the prevailing order, so fear does not distract us. In times of crisis, the crumbs of the state are always crumbs, based on reforms.

That is why everything, and certainly many more, for too many reasons of hatred against those who dominate, the anarchists not only call for disobedience but for anarchy, refusing to back down in the face of this globalized “crisis”. We call for disobedience because of social war.

And we are calling, from various parts of the world, without coordination or command, to disobey and not to remain in house arrest, but never to return to normality or to defend any institution of the state, business or church. We do not want a life surrendered to control, but a free life in which we decide how to live, the one that implies high risk, the one that makes our blood run in our veins. In other words, we are calling to disobey in order to be where we have always been: in defense of freedom and against all authority.

Viva Disobedience!

Anarchists for anarchy, March 26, 2020

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