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#CopWatch #Hamburg: But who protects us from you?

Hamburg. Germany. March 26, 2020. In the last few days we have received several reports from Hamburg and other cities that point out that the new rules on contact restriction and the associated increased police presence in public places, are a doorway for arbitrary and disproportionate police action, and discriminatory police checks. From our experiences – especially in the so-called ‘danger zones’ – we know that more powers for the police, limits rights for civil society.  But these restrictionsbut do not affect everyone equally. Black people and People of Color, and homeless people, sex workers and other marginalized people were subject to discriminatory and harassing control practices and attacks by the police apparatus even before Corona.

Originally published by Copwatch Hamburg. Translation improved by Enough 14, on request of Copwarch Hamburg.

The current situation gives us reason to fear that there will be more discriminatory police practices. The police had always had a high degree of defining power and a number of problems in their daily work. In the current situation, this has once again drastically increased. At the same time, the massive restrictions on public life and freedom of movement, so that less solidary people can rely on the streets, subjected to discriminatory police checks and repressing protests.

This morning (March 26, 2020, Enough 14), the protest tent of the Lampedusa group in Hamburg was brutally cleared. It is obvious that the current restrictions are a pretext to take action now, especially against those whose continue to struggle for a Right of residence and recognition, which has always been a thorn in the side of the Hamburg Senate. The developments of the last few days show with all clarity the necessity to oppose and
resist discriminatory police practices and engage with those affected. Solidarity increases once again.

We therefore call on everyone to be critical and vigilant with regard to the normalization of authoritarian
measures, as well as making discriminatory police practices visible – paint banner and hang them out of your windows, document police checks & assaults and make them public, record video messages, show solidarity with victims of even more harassing Police actions, get creative!

Copwatch Hamburg, March 26, 2020.

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