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#Lockdown in #France: State of health emergeny: Police barbarism in the surburbs [Video]

Les Ulis. France. March 24, 2020. Police brutality, again. This time, it happens in Les Ulis (91), on March 24, 2020. On this video, Sofiane, 21 years old, violently arrested by BAC agents. He is a delivery worker for Amazon, leaving his father’s home and going to work.

Orginally published by Nantes Révoltée. Text and video by Sihame Assbague. Translated by Enough 14.

On his way, Sofiane sees policemen. “Panic-stricken” because he has forgotten his certificate, he turns back & starts running. The officers start chasing him and eventually caught him. The rest is on the video. “They have beaten him up,” a witness said.

Sofiane’s mother is still angry: “He didn’t have to run away, all right, but that doesn’t justify all this violence. They beat him up, tortured him. They talk to us about dialogue. Is that dialogue? And why take him out on the porch? Why did they do that?”

The anger is even bigger as the mother herself was also controlled and verbalized…as she took her son to the hospital for injuries caused by police officers. You have to imagine that scene. “We were treated like scum,” she says. “We can’t let this go on, we can’t accept this violence.” Sofiane’s mother decided to file a complaint. For him and for all the other victims of police violence. In Les Ulis (but not only), the state of health emergency seems to have exacerbated tensions.

Find in this other video a summary of violence during the confinement. The gap between the bourgeois corners and the suburbs widens. The violence multiplies with impunity for the barbarians.

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1 thought on “#Lockdown in #France: State of health emergeny: Police barbarism in the surburbs [Video]

  1. Hola! Desde Argentina denunciamos el mismo accionar policial. Todos los barrios están siendo controlados por la policía, hostigando, deteniendo, torturando.

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