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Turtle Island: Message from White Eagle, Hopi indigenous on #Corona crisis

The comrades of 325 published a message from White Eagle, Hopi indigenous. The message was written on March 16, 2020. The article starts with a short introduction by 325, followed by the message of White Eagle.

Originally published by 325.

As nihilist-anarchists against civilisation we share this text we were sent, as recognition of the call from the FAI/IRF cell in Argentina to be open to indigenous thoughts and life-ways:

“This moment humanity is going through can be seen as a portal and as a hole. The decision to fall into the hole or go through the portal is up to you. If they repent of the problem and consume the news 24 hours a day, with little energy, nervous all the time, with pessimism, they will fall into the hole. But if you take this opportunity to look at yourself, rethink life and death, take care of yourself and others, you will cross the portal. Take care of your home, take care of your body. Connect with the middle body of your spiritual house, all this is synonymous, that is to say the same. When you are taking care of one, you are taking care of everything else. Do not lose the spiritual dimension of this crisis, have the aspect of the eagle, which from above, sees the whole, sees more widely. There is a social demand in this crisis, but there is also a spiritual demand. The two go hand in hand. Without the social dimension, we fall into fanaticism. But without the spiritual dimension, we fall into pessimism and lack of meaning. You were prepared to go through this crisis. Take your toolbox and use all the tools at your disposal.

Learn about resistance with indigenous and African peoples: we have always been and continue to be exterminated. But we still haven’t stopped singing, dancing, lighting a fire and having fun. Don’t feel guilty about being happy during this difficult time. You don’t help at all by being sad and without energy. It helps if good things emanate from the Universe now. It is through joy that one resists. Also, when the storm passes, you will be very important in the reconstruction of this new world. You need to be well and strong. And, for that, there is no other way than to maintain a beautiful, happy and bright vibration. This has nothing to do with alienation. This is a resistance strategy. In shamanism, there is a rite of passage called the quest for vision. You spend a few days alone in the forest, without water, without food, without protection. When you go through this portal, you get a new vision of the world, because you have faced your fears, your difficulties…

This is what is asked of you. Let them take advantage of this time to perform their vision seeking rituals.
What world do you want to build for yourself? For now, this is what you can do: serenity in the storm. Calm down and pray. Everyday. Establish a routine to meet the sacred every day. Good things emanate, what you emanate now is the most important thing. And sing, dance, resist through art, joy, faith and love.”

Resiste – Renace

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5 thoughts on “Turtle Island: Message from White Eagle, Hopi indigenous on #Corona crisis

  1. […] Ce texte est attribué à WHITE EAGLE, indigène Hopi. Il l’aurait posté le 16 mars 2020. Je ne sais si c’est exact, et peu importe. Il résonne comme une autre petite pépite à garder au chaud pour accompagner notre méditation en ce début de 2ème weekend de confinement. Original ici. […]

  2. May I ask for a clarification? He uses above in the second line the word „repent.“ To me this means to ask for forgiveness and get right with the maker. To take responsibility for the harm you have caused. So I am wondering if this is the right word? To repent of something is a good thing and from that sentence it seems like it is associated with doing something wrong…consuming too much TV. Or maybe I have misunderstood? Thank you for letting me know…I think it is important distinction to make.

    1. As you can see in the article, it’s reblogged. So we can’t answer that question.

    2. „Se repentir“ fait référence à notre séparation inconsciente de l’essence divine en nous … Donc ce „retour conscient à la source“, se vit dans l’ouverture du coeur spirituelle…. Namaste 🙏

  3. Have you checked the legitimacy of the message? It seems to get shared in hippy type circles who often also share hoax indigenous messages. So I am wondering whether this one is legit.

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