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#Berlin in times of the #coronavirus: We will squat… …until we no longer have to” – Three Apartments squatted in Berlin today

Berlin. March 28, 2020. Activists have squatted 3 apartments for people without a home today. The squatting actions were publicly announced. What follows is the public announcement.

Originally published by Besetzen. Translated by Enough 14. Image above by besetzen Twitter account.

The activists provided a live stream of todays squatting actions:

Live-Video von hashtagbesetzen auf ansehen

We always wrote “We will squat…
…until we don’t have to anymore,”. In times of “disaster” this formulation can be extended by an appeal: “You have to join in!”

COVID-19 is rolling over more and more areas all over the world and it is becoming apparent that the so-called catastrophe is the norm. Where people are called upon by the supposedly necessary and strict Father State to “stay at home”, not everyone has a home. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the state itself has long been driving up the number of homeless people by evicting them. At the same time, it is closing day-care centres, which the homeless need for the measly bread of mercy, a little soap and water. In his brazen double standards, he then exhorts us patriarchally, “Pay attention to hygiene!”

“Avoid social contact!” is what governments are demanding of us. But where should refugees retreat to when they are crammed together in camps and deportation prisons on Europe’s external borders and the German periphery? With human rights – such as asylum, freedom of movement and housing – they have also been deprived of the possibility to protect themselves effectively against COVID-19.

In this country, the catastrophe is that not even the last ruined remnants of this health system are accessible to everyone. It is a social farce that doctors, paramedics and nursing staff who declared this state of emergency long before COVID-19 were ignored. Because of this they are not responsible for this situaton and they deserve our full solidarity. They will soon have to decide – like in Italy – who may live and who must die. That alone is disastrous.

The catastrophe is called capitalism. And it is the norm

For days tenants, social associations and social democratic parties have been demanding the confiscation of holiday homes and vacancies in order to make them available to homeless people and asylum seekers. While apartments clearly offer the most effective protection against the corona virus, the city of Berlin has created 350 places in a youth hostel and a Kältehilfe [1] facility. To sell this as solidarity is cynical.

In the current situation, the confiscation of housing is a social duty.That’s why we’re going to squat and you have to join us!

Further information will follow. Today at 3 pm we go online.

Updates under the following hashtags #besetzen #HousingActionDay2020


[1] During the winter months, the “Berliner Kältehilfe” program offers homeless people non-bureaucratic overnight accommodation.

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5 thoughts on “#Berlin in times of the #coronavirus: We will squat… …until we no longer have to” – Three Apartments squatted in Berlin today

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